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Guard Alaska Bear Pepper Spray Repellent

Enjoy Your Outing. Don't Become A Bears Victim On Your Next
Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Camping or Hunting Trip

Leo Enterprises Inc. Brings You
Guard Alaska Bear Repellent "Ultramag Shotgun Series" 9 Ounce Supersize
One Of The Only EPA Registered Bear Sprays On The Market

"Guard Alaska Bear Repellent" - Takes Down All Species Of Bear
Grizzly Bears, Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Black Bear, Kodiaks and more.
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Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price - $44.95
Guard Alaska Bear Repellent
ONLY $27.95ea. or (2) for $25.95ea.
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Range of Spray: Approximately 15-20 feet (About 5-6 meters)
Canister Dimensions: Height: 8-3/4" x Width: 2"
This Bear Pepper Spray Is An Invincible 20% Ultra Hot Pepper Spray.
Absolutely the most Effective and Powerful Bear Defense Spray Available Today.
This unit can also be used against a "Human Attacker".
If it will take down a full grown, 300 to 1400 pound pissed off bear,
You know that it will take down a Human Attacker. Even Multiple Attackers. This product has proven so effective that it is the only one registered with the EPA as a repellent for ALL SPECIES of bear!

Grizzly Bears, Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Black Bear, Kodiaks and more.
Environmentally Safe! Does not contain flammable or ozone depleting substances.
Guard Alaska products are unique from all other pepper sprays.
Instead of the conventional carriers used, this product contains a carrier/base that removes the protective oils from the skin and mucous membranes, and actually opens the pores of the skin, allowing the active ingredient, "Capsaicin", to penetrate the skin and mucous membranes, thus increasing its effectiveness," TKO" First Round!!
The carrier has a greater density than that of water, thus allowing it to displace water.
This is a desirable trait for use when the Animal or Human Assailant
is wet from perspiration, rain or other causes.
This formula is Scientifically Proven Superior, it is one of the only animal deterrents endorsed by the Alaska Science & Technology Foundation. Over Six years of extensive testing in the wilds of Alaska.
One of the only Pepper Sprays allowed into Canada.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price - $44.95.

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Designed For The Outdoor Recreation Enthusiast

"Be Sure To Be On The Down Wind Side When You Dispense Any Pepper Spray!!"
With All Pepper Sprays Remember One Thing! Run Then Spray! Not Spray Then Run!
The Genetically Instilled Response, Whether Human or Animal Attacker, Is To Chase Running Prey! Forcing the Attacker Right Into A Cloud Of Pepper Spray. Equals Guaranteed Take Down!!

Check out this Informative Pepper Spray Booklet we have available
"Tactical Use of Defense Sprays" Defend Yourself The Cops Are Busy!!

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These quality throwing knives are custom designed by master knife maker, Gil Hibben, who has been making and using throwing knives since 1965. The Hibben Thrower is based on Gils' own karate knife design which also doubles as a functional hunting knife. Each knife features one-piece, 420 J2 stainless steel construction, and is perfectly balanced
to assure uniform rotation when thrown properly.
Each comes complete with an American made leather sheath.

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For You Hunters We Carry Several Brands Of Knives For All Occassions
Here are some of the knives we offer from "Gil Hibben"

 UC-935 Hibben CLAW

5" overall. 2 1/4"" blade, 3/16"" thick.
Suggested Retail $31.95
Your Price $19.95ea.
(2) for $35.00

UC-454 Hibben Thrower I

6-1/8" overall. 3-1/8" blade, 5/32" thick.
Suggested Retail $19.95
Your Price $14.95ea.
(2) for $26.00 

GH-2007 Hibben Generation 2 Pro Thrower Combo

10" overall. 8 1/4" blade,
3/16" thick.

Suggested Retail $59.95
Your Price $44.95ea.
(2) for $80.00 

UC-458 includes a leather sheath which bolds all three knives.


This set features three of the UC-454 (6-1/8 " overall) together in a custom designed, American made leather sheath which holds all three knives.
Designed by master knife maker, Gil Hibben

Suggested Retail $42.99
Your Price $32.95ea.
(2) for $60.80


  • Throwing power times two! This throwing set designed by master knife maker, Gil Hibben features the UC-454 (6-1/8" overall) and UC-455 (8-1/2" overall) together in one leather sheath, custom designed to hold them both.

Suggested Retail $41.99
Your Price $28.95ea.
   (2) for $61.20

Hibben Pro Throwers

Balance and Distance embellish Gil Hibbens' latest additions. These Pro Throwers are full sized professional throwers designed by master knife-maker Gil Hibben. The perfectly balanced throwers have a solid one-piece construction featuring a "trigger grip" on each handle which is designed to guide the hand into the same consistent and accurate release every time they are thrown. As well as a thumb notch, they feature a handgrip and lanyard hole. Includes a black, American made, genuine leather sheath embossed with the Hibben Knives® logo.

UC-879 12" Pro Thrower II

12" overall 5-7/8" 420 J2 stainless steel blade, 3/16" thick, weighs 10 oz.

Suggested Retail $48.39
Your Price $38.95
                                       (2) for $61.90

UC-880 10" Pro Thrower I

10" overall 4-7/8" 420 J2 stainless steel blade, 3/16" thick, weighs 8 oz.

Suggested Retail $40.89
Your Price $30.95
(2) for $51.90

UC-881 Hibben Pro Thrower Combo

Combines one UC-879 and one UC-880 into one sheath designed to hold both blades.

Suggested Retail $48.39
Your Price $39.95
(2) for $71.90

Hibben Designed Throwing Axe

Leo Enterprises PRESENTS

Gil Hibben Designed Thrower Axe

UC-866 Hibben Pro Thrower Axe

This top of the line professional throwing axe features a special forward pointing axe head designed specifically for throwing.

12" overall 420 J2 stainless steel , 3/16" thick.

UC-866 Hibben Pro Thrower Axe

Suggested Retail $68.79
   Your Price $55.95
   (2) for $101.90

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