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                     7/1/00   I'm back, after a month long hiatus from this web site.  I have fixed some of the
               links and the site of the month has been decided - see the links section of this page for the winner
               -also if you would like me to post a link to your site on here, tell me and I will.   Keep sending in
              deck designs, dream cards, and combos, etc.

                    5/23/00 Hi guys! I am now going to start a Star Wars CCG site of the month.  Send your
                nominations to

                  5/20/00 Well it is officially time for my first update.  I am changing the poll and adding more
                pictures.  Please tell your friends about my site and send in your deck designs, card reviews, strategy
                articles, and suggestions.

                    Hi and welcome to Rogue Nine's Base! This is a site dedicated to the Star Wars CCG and
                other miscellaneous Star Wars stuff.  There are decks, cheats for Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II and the
                Phantom Menace, and abunch of Star Wars related pictures and links to other good sites.   I'll be
                constantly updating this page, but right now it's a little new.  Feel free to email me at

         Decks - Star Wars Cards decks.  I don't have any Young Jedi yet, but if you email yours to me I will
                               post them.

         Links  - Links to more cool Star  Wars sites.  Most of them are Star Wars CCG, though

         Picture Galleries - Here is a bunch of Star Wars related pictures.

         Cheats - Cheats for the Phantom Menace, Jedi Knight, and other games.

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