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Roanoke Express Hockey History

Each of these links will take you to frames-based databases. To return to this page, use the "back" button or click on the "Express History Home" at the bottom of the left hand contents bar in each frame.

ECHL Franchises - Short summaries of all active and inactive ECHL franchise, organized by the team names of the 46 different teams that have played in the ECHL since 1989.

Roanoke Express History - team records, player records, miscellaneous information, all time Express rosters, where are they now information, statistics, game summaries, and box scores.

Roanoke Valley Hockey Before the Express - Short history of the many teams that have played in the Roanoke Valley over the last 30+ years.

Roanoke Valley Hockey Hall of Fame - The RVH Hall of Fame as voted by the fans of the Roanoke Express.

These are links to related internet resources:

Internet Hockey Database - The rightly famous "Slate-a-Base" is a massive compilation of all aspects of North American hockey. Any player, team, logo, or trading card question you might have can probably be answered here.

Eurohockey Net - The European equivalent of the IHD.

Hockey Research - The HRA was created because there existed a need for hockey historians to network among one another as a means of facilitating their research. Contains a wide variety of projects on the economics and statistics of hockey in North America and around the world.

ECHL at ODP - The Open Directory Project is an internet directory built by humans. The ECHL category contains a comprehensive list of ECHL resources on the web. There are over 400 active sites listed, including team websites, team fansite, player fansites, booster clubs, local newspaper coverage, mailing lists, chat rooms, etc.

Roanoke Express at ODP - Roanoke Express directory at the Open Directory Project. - Check out this official team website for information on the current Express season.