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ps2 gaming







  • 9-1-01: I got to see the shima 2s in person the other day at van's skatepark. dear god they are sexy. mike and I plan on getting some before the year is over. school starts for us tuesday, which fucking sucks, so we won't be able to skate as much as we usually do.
  • 8-15-01: bladin' action now has the new shima 2s in stock. they've added a white cuff, back slide plates, and lace eyelets for an even phater look. they also sport the new groundcontrol frames from john elliot and brian himself. the included wheels are mindgame 57mm and abec 5 bearings. check here for a pic.
  • 8-14-01: the first chick of the week is now up, check her out. i also added the soul grind in the tricks section and filled out all of our bios.
  • 8-13-01: i registered this site to cjb and got most of the sections up and working. i decided to add a tricks section, because most trick sections you find online are horrible at explaining things. in the game reviews section, you will find that i gave all of my ps2 games short reviews, and I put some information in the advice section about fixing some small ps2 problems.
  • 8-12-01: this site is born. most of the links don't work and i'm adding new stuff all of the time. look forward to this site being up in about a week.