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Our flocks are protected by Komondor and Maremma guard dogs. The Komondor is a large strong dog of great courage. Their coat consists of tassels of hair called cords. They live with the flocks in all weather conditions. The Maremma is highly regarded as a guardian of both flock and home. It was developed approximately 2000 years ago in the Maremma region of Italy. It too is a powerful guardian capable of routing bear. Since their arrival on the farm we have not experienced any losses to predators (our flocks are counted daily). Our greatest predator threat is domestic dogs; however, bear, coyotes, and just recently mountain lion are also present.

Our Komondors and Maremmas are socialized so we can handle and care for them. However, strangers on the property are unwelcome unless accompanied by one of us. While our Border Collies are allowed in the fields, we have seen the guardians attack deer that strayed into the sheep paddocks as well as a black snake that was caught attempting to cross the paddock.

We occasionally have Komondor-Maremma cross puppies for sale. We are using this cross very successfully in our flock and pups that have been placed are now working successfully as flock guardians. Pictured is one of the crossbred puppies.