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We discovered this wonderful breed while searching for rams to improve our flock of Suffolk and Dorset crosses. We needed a breed that would produce meatier lambs with less feed. The Border Leicester is popular throughout the world for crossbreeding, especially in the British Isles, where it has been responsible for the establishment of many commercial ewe breeds. Border Leicesters have also been used in the development of several distinct Breeds such as the Coopworth, Texel, and the DLS (Dorset, Leicester, and Suffolk).

The Border Leicester breed was founded in 1767 in England. They are said to have been introduced to the United States by George Washington, who kept a small purebred flock and used the rams extensively in his flock of 800 at Mount Vernon in Virginia.

In appearance, the Border Leicester is regal and alert with its distinctive Roman nose and long ears that are carried high and erect. The wool is long and lustrous with a spinning count from 40's to 50's. The ideal fleece grows in well-defined pencil locks and usually measures six to ten inches after 12 months growth. Border Leicesters are hardy and well muscled. Ewes are good mothers and heavy milkers. Both ewes and rams are generally calm and easy to handle, and are a real pleasure to work with. Direct marketers using Border Leicester rams in flocks will obtain faster growing lambs on less feed. Leicesters fatten well on grass when other lambs fail to gain.

Some Border Leicesters carry a recessive black gene that can produce black or silver fleeces, which are favorites of hand spinners. Our Border Leicesters have performed consistently well at the major shows in the United States, winning numerous championships. We have a few exceptional individuals for sale. We also have some white and colored fleeces for sale.