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Our Polled Dorset flock is well known for strong muscling and good conformation. Our Dorsets are expected to give us three lambings in two years. Twins and triplets are the rule rather than the exception, even with twice a year lambing. We had a sixteen year old Dorset ewe, who lambed with twins. This is an outstanding ewe family, for example, her 1988 fall ewe lamb is still producing in our flock at age 13, lambing twice a year, and producing champion show lambs. We have many elderly ewes lambing twice a year. Four and five year olds are considered young in our flock. This is a strong indicator of the hardiness, good legs and feet, and general good health of this flock. Dorsets are one of the few breeds that carry the "out-of-season" breeding characteristics. Our ewes are good mothers, excellent milkers, and have good strong udders. Dorsets work well in commercial situations both in the ewe flock and from the terminal sire aspect. Our rams are fertile and breeding even in July and August (our summers are very hot and humid). We have rams and ewes with excellent bloodlines available at reasonable prices.