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Cormo Sheep

The Cormo sheep was developed in the sixties  in Tasmania, by crossing Super-Fine Saxon Merino ewes with Corriedale rams. Cormo rams chosen for breeding are selected by fertility, body weight, clean fleece weight, and fiber diameter. Cormo sheep thrive in a wide variety of climates from the wet Pacific Northwest to the Eastern cold winters and humid summers. Ewes are good mothers and have a strong flocking instinct. Ewes average 150 pounds and rams average 210 pounds. Cormos perform well on grass, require little or no supplementation making them an excellent choice for a small farm flock and hardy enough for a range flock. 

The Cormo wool is highly sought after by fiber artist for use in spinning, knitting, weaving, and felting. The wool is exceptionally consistent throughout the fleece. It has a fine, even, and well defined crimp, which makes for very elastic fibers and yarns. The fiber diameter is 17-23 microns, with a staple length of 3.5-5+ inches. The fleeces will yield over 70% and are bright white in color. The average fleece weight for ewes is 10 pounds, while rams may produce over 14 pounds of beautiful wool.

We will have breeding rams and fleeces available for sale spring of 2001.