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Updated 4/23/03

We're tearing down the building...

The chatroom that was added is still collecting dust... I don't know what it'll be used for, but it will be used... hopefully...

One thing I notice about this site is that, other than not touching it in over a year and a half (as of the last update), is that it is amazingly Meg-deficient. What I mean by that is, back in March of 2002, I finally found the girl of my dreams and prayers: Meagan Marie Smith. Anyways, as soon as I can pull enough pictures together, people will get to see that she's not just a figment of my imagination. Do go check out her sites on both Elfwood and her own personal art site (the addresses of which, I have completely forgotten, but will add to this site when I can remember them).

Anyways, back to my boring life, so if you see anything here that seems of interest, or would like to talk to me (yeah right), just email me (SharperImage2@aol.com), or get me on AOL Instant Messenger (NADSHARPE or SharperImage2), on ICQ (#39851940), or in those weird circumstances: try GFW (the link is here somewhere).




Complete overhaul of the site. Since I started talking to more people again, more people have been checking out the site. Well, basically, the black and red motif is getting kinda old. I'll probably tear this place asunder, put up some dancing monkeys and Motorhead and Iron Maiden paraphenalia (SP?). Y'know... I need to change my influences, and add Bruce Dickinson and Lemmy Kilmister in there somewhere...


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