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If you have any Mosin-Nagant rifle or carbine you need this book!


The first complete, fully illustrated English-language translation of the Soviet service manual for Mosin-Nagant rifles and carbines.

This manual covers field-stripping, cleaning, firing, zeroing, sniper rifles and scopes, and much, much more. Because their design and parts are mostly copies of the Russian originals the information in this book can be used for Chinese, Finnish, Polish, and all other Mosin-Nagant models. 17 charts, 95 illustrations ---143 pages packed with information, with annotations by the translator.

ISBN 0-9676896-0-0

$19.95 + $3.25 S&H. VA residents please add .89 sales tax.

Payment for mail orders can be made by check or money order only.

Mail check or money order to:
HYRAX Publishers, LLC
P.O. Box 101062, Arlington, VA 22210

Shipping and handling charges are $3.25 for the Mosin book, and $1.50
for each additional book in the same shipment. Postage costs shown are for shipping within the USA; for all foreign orders please inquire as to shipping costs. Virginia residents please add 4.5% sales tax.

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