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SCRATCH 'N' DENT SALE ---50% OFF! We have some Mauser books with damaged covers --- could be folds, scratches, one or more, but the covers and the books are complete and intact. While they last we're offering them for half of the cover price!


Recent imports of the Model 1935 Vis pistol, also called the "Radom" and "P.35(p)", have generated renewed interest in this superb military 9 mm semiautomatic pistol. Terence Lapin's latest book includes an English translation of the official 1937 Polish military manuals for the Radom, available now for the first time. VIS: THE MODEL 35 RADOM PISTOL also provides a history of the Vis, detailed disassembly instructions, production figures, illustrations of markings and accoutrements, and other essential information. An invaluable resource for anyone interested in these historically important firearms.

95 pages; charts, tables, drawings, and photographs.

ISBN 0-9676896-4-3
$18.95 plus $2.95 shipping and handling. Virginia residents please add . 85 sales tax.

Mauser Military Rifle Markings, 2nd Edition©

As of November 2018 only "Scratch 'n' Dent" Mauser books will be available.

What do Mauser rifles have to do with a sultan's ink-smeared fingers, a Gilbert & Sullivan comic operetta, and Rastafarians? Terence Lapin knows, and he's telling.

The revised and expanded second edition of the popular reference for the Mauser enthusiast, this book covers in detail the meanings and significance of words, numbers, dates, codes, coats of arms, and symbols found on Mauser military rifles from all over the world.

Extensively illustrated and packed with information on these and many other features of the world's most popular bolt action rifles, Mauser Military Rifle Markings is a treasure chest for anyone who has ever wondered what the Persian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, or other exotic writing on his Mauser really says; why the date on his Siamese Mauser has only three digits; or why there's a swastika on his Chinese Mauser. The answers to these and dozens of other baffling questions are right here.

178 pages; charts, tables, and illustrations.

ISBN 0-9676896-3-5
$22.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling. Virginia residents please add $1.03 sales tax.

If you have any Mosin-Nagant rifle or carbine you need this book!


The first complete, fully illustrated English-language translation of the Soviet service manual for Mosin-Nagant rifles and carbines.

This manual covers field-stripping, cleaning, firing, zeroing, sniper rifles and scopes, and much, much more. Because their design and parts are mostly copies of the Russian originals the information in this book can be used for Chinese, Finnish, Polish, and all other Mosin-Nagant models. 17 charts, 95 illustrations ---143 pages packed with information, with annotations by the translator.

ISBN 0-9676896-0-0

$19.95 + $3.25 S&H. VA residents please add .89 sales tax.

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