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...from the movie...

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"That's stupid. If there's gonna be 5 guys, it should be 5Gether". "I don't know about you guys but I'm calling myself something different."

"Everyone's talking about QT's problems, but I was up on that stage in that fat guy suit literally suffocating to death. and while I was rolling around, I was still trying to contribute to the group by making as many laser noises as humanly possible!"

"Well I have this dream I don't tell many people about...its to own a Sea-Doo and I'm gonna get one too...I plan to make a butt load of money with this." (Buttload? How much is a buttload?) "A thousand dollars. I base it on the fact that one time I fit 5 dollars up my butt...and well not to brag or nothin', but I think I can fit WAY more up there...WAY more...EASY."

"i think the group should be called matchbox20" *then jerry goes 'theres already a matchbox 20' CHAD: "okay matchbox 30''

"How about Driving 20 or Driving 30"

"I really don't think it was right to joke about the darth vader costumes like's offensive to all the families of the people who have been killed by darth vader..the people whose human rights have been violated for so long.....that's all"

"I love him always...I love him like a brother"

"I could dress up like R2D2, and Doug could be *laughs* Jabba The Hut! *And then they show Doug bending over and Noah sitting behind a wall pointing at Doug's butt crack and laughing* And Jerry could be Princess Leia *he starts making Chewbacca sounds*"

"Now that QT's in the group I think he's like Michael and the rest of us are like Jermaine and Tito, but I have this theory that Jermaine was WAY more important in than Michael. I mean, who invented the moonwalk? Jermaine! Who sang "Thriller"? Jermaine! Who even married Lisa Marie Presley? It was Jermaine!!"

"Do WE Lipsync??"

"These things go in WATER?"

"Hey look guys!! it's you!! WHOA!"

"I want the yellow one."

"I dont think Mr. Buss is using all my abilities, ya know? I could save a lot of money with the stuff I've been working on, this one for example that I worked out the other day, it's like... (makes laser noises) or like this other one I worked on could save us a ton! (makes more laser noises)"

...from the show...

"20,000 people at the concert, and im gonna throw up on all of em.."

(Doug tells Noah to pretend a toy dog is a fan, and he tells him to give it a personality) he says" well, her name is lisa and she likes ice cream. she doesnt looove ice cream, but i'll be honest if u put magic shell on, she'll eat it"

"The sweetest thing i ever saw, was a baby dressed like a bumble bee" (then mickey says once i saw the wu tang turn into any armie of bees.. then qt says once i was in a coma and i was a bee, and i had sex with my mom)

"Fine, exploit my pain, suck my life dry"

"Sorry for punching u doug, i wanted to shoot you, but i don't believe in guns..."

"You gotta stop making decisions for me. I'm a mature adult...ohh... a half eaten twinkie" (he found it in the trash can, and then he ate it)

"Spiders nice he only eats pizza"

"Hey! that stereo was NEVER in my mouth....ok..maybe once... but ONLY FOR A SECOND!

doug goes- 'wow this retainer is really nice' CHAD: ''i feel like it was made for me '' doug 'it was made for you' CHAD: ' well actually it was made for my friend chris but he never used it so i said hey free retainer''

CHAD: "Guys, before we talk theres sumthing I need to tell you, that is not Mandy Moore!" Mickey: I say we rock-paper-scissors who gets to tell freak boy first...on second thought, nah, heh, I win! Jerry: We cant tell him, look how happy he is. Mickey: look how happy I'll be when I tell him! heh heh heh! CHAD: "We cant tell him. Remember when they stopped making Beanie Babies? He went into a coma!" Mickey: Oh, Bonus! Doug: Maybe we didnt make our argument completely dont go along with us we'll kick your bleach blonde ass!

QT: Mandy, I have to tell you, Candy is pretty much my favorite song ever! Mandy: Mine too, did you know that Mandy Moore put her best friend in that video?! Doug: Oh, oh right! Yeah when u become big you refere to yourself in the third person, everybodys doin it! Doug loves cotton candy! CHAD: "So does Mandy Moore! I mean you do, i mean she does, i mean they do..." Jerry: Shut up Chad! CHAD: But I fixed it this time! Jerry: your blowin it... Doug: everybody be cool... Mickey: Oh I am luvin this!

CHAD: "I got it back! Isnt it beautiful?!" Jerry: Its...a retainer. CHAD: "I had to sell the sound system but it was worth it! Doug: You sold our stereo?! It was worth way more than that stupid retainer!" CHAD: "No way! That stereo was never in my mouth...ok once, but only for a second!!"

CHAD: you hit her? how could you QT: i was soppose to see her last night CHad: so you meen you were gonna hit her? *thanks to*

"Next time, I wanna be a pumpkin patch" *thanks to*

*thanks to Stacey, Iileana, and Lauren for sending in quotes!*