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Why Noah?

I made this website about Noah because I think he is the funniest and cutest actor in 2Ge+her! As Chad, he was the shy type which is really cute and I loved it when he did the lazer noises! It was so funny. Ok, I know it was a movie making fun of boybands but you have to admit that it was really funny how they made the lyrics like really corny and made fun of the dance moves that "typical" boybands have. It was hilarious! But I did get kinda mad how they use the "boyband" stereotype. Some groups are unfairly put into that category like 'Nsync for instance. It's not like being called a boyband is really bad, I just think 'Nsync should get more respect for all the hard work they do! You're probably wondering "why is she talking about 'Nsync when it's a site about Noah", well I don't know I just wanted to say that, that's all! Anyways, I hope you like my site about that shy guy Chad (Noah)!