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The Movie

The movie "2ge+her" is the story of a fake boyband and their struggle for success. Noah Bastian played "Chad Linus", the shy one of the group. Here are the facts about Chad (the made up character, not Noah, for the facts about Noah go to the biography section):

Born: 8.26.83

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Signature dance move: The Roger Rabbit

In my spare time I like to: Cut out pictures of sea-doos and paste them on my furniture.

Favorite CDs: Matchbox 30, Wham, The Best of the Brady Bunch

Favorite food: Bubble gum flavor taffy

Favorite color: Plaid

Favorite movie: Rudolph and Frosty Christmas in July

If I were an animal, I'd be...: A zebra because I like their coloring

Deepest darkest secret: Well, I don't like to tell anyone but I score a 181 on my IQ test.

*I guess he's smarter than we think!*