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Noah Bastian

This site is dedicated to Noah Bastian who played Chad Linus in MTV's movie "2Gether". He is absolutely the cutest and as the "shy one" of the group, he kept us laughing with his laser noises and obsession with sea-doos.

2Ge+her has a new CD called 2Gether: Again

By the way, I'm not Noah so PLEASE stop sending me his fanmail! Thanks!

Added a new Fan Fic section and more tv quotes!

**2Gether CD for sale! It's the first one, the soundtrack to the movie. $10. Email if interested.**

last updated: July 12, 2001

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This site is an un-official site and is in no way affiliated with Noah Bastian or 2Gether. Please do not send fan mail to me as Noah Bastian will not get it since I have no connection with him (unfortunately). Thank you.