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Fan Fic

Hey chicas I got my very first fan fic! If you want to send anything to me to put on my site just email me! Enjoy the story.

Chad and the "Eminems" Adventure

Written by Cutie Patootie

It was a bright and sunny day, and the boys of 2gether were taking a day off from their big tour with Britney Spears. Jerry was looking at himself in the mirror, QT was washing his face, Doug was eating popcorn, Mickey was listening to gangster rap, and Chad was in the bathtub playing with his new lightsaber. "I'm bored!" whined QT as he dried off his face, "Boredom is bad for my pores." "You're always bored," Jerry said. "And you're always annoying, too." "EEEEEEEERRRRRR!! PSHEWWW!" A loud noise was coming from the bathtub where Chad was pretending to be a Jedi. "This CD stinks yo," Mickey pulled out his Eminem CD and put in another CD. "EWWWW! Who the heck put this crappy CD in my collection?" Doug looked up from his popcorn. "Oops sorry... it's my *Nsync CD," he said. "That's it! We can go to an *NSync concert!" Chad said excitedly. "I love their songs!" Jerry nodded. "Hey, that sounds like a good idea. What do you say guys?" "Sounds great," said Doug. "There's always chicks at *NSync concerts, right?" asked QT. "I'm there." "No way fools!" shouted Mickey. "You won't catch me dead at some boyband concert!" "Please! Please! Please!" begged Chad. "What if Eminems shows up, huh? I need someone to protect me!" Mickey rolled his eyes and looked at Jerry. Jerry nodded. "Oh all right," said Mickey. "But there better be some ho's there."

****************************TWO HOURS LATER****************************

The guys of 2gether are in a limo. "We're almost there! We're almost there!" shouted Chad. "I've never been this excited since my mom bought me that little Yoda stuffed animal!" QT rolled his eyes. "Chad, have you ever heard of something called a girlf riend?" Chad looked at QT, puzzled. Then he began to cry. "Noce going, QT," Jerry whispered. "Now you made him think of Heather!" QT bit his lip. "Sorry Chad." The limo finally pulled up at the concert, with only minutes until the show began. Chad got out of the limo first and ran to buy an "I LOVE *NSYNC" t-shirt. Screaming girls were everywhere. "Stay close," advised Jerry to his fellow bandmates. "Make sure no one notices you." The guys sat down in their seats, and in minutes Chad came back with a big grin on his face. "The *NSync shirts were on sale for $2.50 so I bought one for all of you!" He handed an "I LOVE *NSYNC" t-shirt to each one of the guys. Everyone groaned. "Yes I'm the real Shady....." Chad jumped up. That sounded oddly familiar. "Hey guys, did you just hear something??" he asked. Jerry, Mickey, QT, and Doug all nodded no. "All you other Slim Shady's are just......." Chad screamed and clutched onto QT's shirt sleeve. Now he recognized it. It was Eminems coming to get him!! Chad started to cry. He was so scared......... so scared........... "Shut up you baby!" shouted Mickey. "You're making me look bad!" "What's wrong Chad?" asked QT. "HE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!! HE'S HERE!!!!! EMINEMS IS HERE AND COMING TO GET ME!!!!!!!!" Chad's tears would not stop. "Calm down, Chadster," said Doug. "Eminems is not here." "OH YES I AM!" shouted a voice from behind Chad. Chad jumped up and turned around to come face-to-face with........EMINEMS! Chad grabbed his lightsaber and knocked Eminems out. The war was over. "YAY!" shouted the boys of 2gether. They carried Chad on their backs and had a celebration. Maybe Chad wasn't so dumb, after all. : )


This is the continuince to the final episode of 2gether in my own words dont think this is what really happens it's NOT A SPOILER


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww That hurt. Chad said. No time for that, Doug said RUN,Yelled Mickey . They were hot on there tails . (Which looked pretty good from here oh yeah back to the story) Chad triped he was screaming for the guys but they couldnt hear him he cryed out GUYS!!! Still nothing They got him .Your coming with us buddy. No dont take me to jail i wont like it there . Lawess laughed as they took him away.


Back where the rest of the guys were. Micky said We got away!!! He did it with a getting jiggy wit it dance . Hold it wheres Chad Doud said ? Oh no thats what I heard ,Jerry said . What did you hear Jerry . Said doug supisously Um, I heard chad yelling I think . Oh no the got him !!! Micky was prepared to Kill Man nobody messes with my boy.Jerry , If we do they aressted us all,But for Chad thats a risk im willing to take . He'd do it for me.

Then........ back at the jail Can I call a friend . Chad said . Yeah 1 call only Said the officer gruffly Chad called Rich ( Ya know his other brother ) Hey Rich Listen Im in jail and i need you to help me get out .Rich answered ,UM I cant i have to lead another one of those sucky AA mettings agian sorry Bye . No rich dont hang up !!! *click* NO Chad began to shed tears. He was locked back in his jail cell

Will Chad ever get out will the guys find him will rich ever be sober find out this and more if you E mail me @

Signing off MaryBastian == Mary Bastian :) ;)


Fan Fic: Another Story written by

Mickey and Ashley: Today was like any other day, all the band of 2Gether was sitting at the kitchen table. Jerry having eggs, Mickey having waffles, Doug having everything, Q.T. having Lucky Charms, and Chad stars. "You guys should really have some blue stars," said Chad. "I think i'm full Chadwin," replied Doug. "Well, you only had 4 eggs, 3 pancakes, 9 pieces of bacon, and 6 pieces of toast," said Jerry in a bad mood. "What's up wit you dude?" asked Mickey. "Well, Erin wants to put our relationship on hold," said Jerry, "I don't know why? Last night we were making out and WOAH showed up taking pictures and put pics on the internet." "WOW!" said Q.T. "I wish they would put pics of me on the internet." "They weren't regular pictures, she kept staring out he window like she knew they were coming. It was really weird." Doooooo Doooooo Doooo. Chad was making laser noises obviously not listening. "Hey, guys, I met this girl last week, her name was Ashley. She said she wanted to go out with Mickey," said Chad. "WHAT????" yelled Mickey, "And you decided to tell me NOW!" "Well, yeah, in case you wanted to go out with her," replied Chad. "Well, I prolly can't now bitch." "Sorry Mickey, here's her number." "How do you still have her number?" "I never washed this shirt last week." All the boys shivered at the thought of that. "I'm gonna kill you white boy!" yelled Mickey. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH," screamed Chad. "Now, hold it Mickey, I...I g-gave you her n-number so why d-don't you just c-call her?" said Chad in a scared, stuttered voice. "That's a good idea, you a lucky little white man." said Mickey.

3 hours later..........................

"Guys, Guys, help! I gotta get ready, that girl Ashley is comin over in like 15 minutes. I forgot, I fell asleep waiting for Chad to come outta the closet." Chad yawning, comes out with his hair standing on one side of his head. "What time is it, Doug?" "Umm, time to change you and get your hair fixed." "Why??" said Chad yawning and practically walking and talking in his sleep. "I'm ready," yelled Jerry. He came out wearing a nice blue shirt and black slick pants. "Me too, as soon as I wash my face," said Q.T. over the soap suds on his face. "That's like the 10th time you've washed your hair dude!!" said Mickey. "Whenever I'm nervous I break out!" said Q.T. "Whatever man," replied Mickey. "Well, guys, I guess i'm ready," said Mickey, "Tell me how I look." Mickey turning around and making grins at himself. "You look fine Mickey," said Q.T. and Jerry not even looking. DING DONG! The doorbell rang and Mickey ran to get it. "Is Chad man ready?" "Yeah, he was running around naked a while making laser noises and pretending to kill Darth Vader," replied Doug. "K man, wish me luck!" In walked this gorgeous girl that even Jerry noticed. "Hi," said this girl, Ashley. "H-Hi Ashhh-ley." said all three of them at the same time. Doug walked out with no Chad. "What happened to Chad?" Jerry wispered. "Well, he was running around while I was putting his shirt on and he slipped on the floor and he's sleeping," replied Doug. "Oooooh, you mean he's knocked out?" asked Jerry. "Yup," said Doug, "He'll be ok in like 15 minutes." Meanwhile, Q.T. was staring at Ashley and couldn't stop. "Guys," said Mickey, "this is Ashley."

Later at dinner..............

Everyone sat down and of course Q.T. sat by Ashley along with Mickey on the other side. There was one empty spot for Chad, which in Doug's time he would be out in 5 seconds. "Omigod Mickey! You are so funny!! HAHA!" laughed Ashley. Chad ran out with his light saber wearing nothing! He was running around the table pretending to cut off Ashley's hair. He grabbed some food and ran back into his room. But, he slipped on the step and fell. Dooo Doooo Dooo OW! Dooo Dooo Dooo. Chad ran into his room. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Ashley, "This is the most disgusting and perverted house i've ever been to! You have naked guys running around and you guys! uuuuughhhh! was that....Chad?" asked Ashley. "Sadly yes," said Jerry. "Figures," replied Ashley, "Well, goodbye all you sad, sad people!" Well, Ashley left and Mickey steaming hot stomped into Chad's room. He could hear Chad's laser noises. "Chad!!!!!!!!, I'm gonna kill you and eat YOU for dinner!!" yelled Mickey. Chad, still naked was sitting in a corner. "I'm sorry Mickey, I didn't know she was out there!" "Well, still! You grasshole!!" "AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" screamed Chad. Luckily Jerry, Doug, and Q.T. saved Chad from a very painful death.

The next day...............

"I woulda give him the smackdown yo!" said Mickey. Chad came out from his room and apologized to Mickey and they were buds again! They all had their usual breakfasts, but, poor Chad wasn't going to have a good day to start out with. "Yo Mickey, I forgot, this other girl Mandy gave me her number last week too." said Chad. "WHAT???!!!!!?????" yelled Mickey, "You gonna die white boy, I'll call Eminem right up and tell him to have a Chadwin sandwich." "Noooooooooo!! Not Eminems!!" cried Chad. Well, you guessed it, Mickey chased Chad around the house yelling swear words at him. But, at least they were all back to normal, well almost normal. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"


Chad's Sickning Vacation

A great 2 day Vacation was good but not for Chad

It was summer vacation and there wasn't any touring being done.Chad was watching teletubbies,Jerry was in the bathroom stairing in the mirror,Micky was sorting out his CD collection and Doug was fixing lunch.

Micky just put his brand new CD in the CD holder and came over tward Chad. Sup C? Chad was too busy watching T.V. he ignored Micky and continued to watch.Micky glanced over to see what Chad was watching....finally Micky said, your watching that loser show!! only kiddies watch that crap!It was then that Chad realized micky was there.What Micky?Micky repeated himself and said once again-your watching that loser show!! only kiddies watch that crap!Then Micky grabbed the remote from Chad and swiched the channel to Eminem Live in concert.Like that Chad? micky said?Chad was terrified of eminem and started to cry.Whata wimp! said Micky again.Chad wouldn't stop crying and Doug about almost done with the sandwiches,ran in to see what was wrong.Then he saw Chad with his hands on his face,wiping his tears.Chad was a non-stop baby.What's wrong little bro?Mi-Mi-Micky(Chad stutters and choks on his tears) made fun of what I watch and changed the channel.Then Chad continued to cry.Micky! yelled Doug.Micky looked up and said Sup D? Why did you make Chad cry like that??Well he was watching a stupid show?! said Micky again.Now can you shut him up?! he's giving me another migrane!! alright alright said Doug.Doug patted Chad on the back.Come and help me finish the sandwiches and then you can watch Teletubbies in my room.Chad sniffeled....But it'll be over! Chad still crying,got up.Jerry came out of the bathroom and grabbed a sandwich Doug had made.Chad ran into the bathroom and locked himself in crying harder and harder.Micky shut the TV,then He,Doug and Jerry ran to the bathroom door to comfort chad.Nothing they said worked.I've never seen Chad act this low before,said Micky.Ususally when I do somthing like that he gets over it.Then Jerry finally said...somthing is wrong.We gotta find out Doug added.Ok guys we gotta think about whats bothering him said Doug.Hes my little brother.Ok well he never got that scoo-doo thing he wanted said Micky.No,that's not it,he asked for that for months and never got it but never acted this way about it before said Doug.Me, being the bathroom king couldn't get in yesterday for 3 hours and kept hearing this slerpy sound and the toilet flush every second said Jerry worrily.That's It YO! said Micky.He's sick but doesn't wanna tell us because he thinks it will ruin the vacation!! yeah! added Doug.Jerry pounded lightly on the bathroom door and said come on Chad! we know your sick! you'r not ruining anything!

......2 hours went by

Hes not gonna come out said Doug finally.I know! said Jerry. Lets go through the bathroom window to get in! great idea! micky and Doug agreed.OH wait! said Doug.I'll get his favorite Yoda stuffed animal and a blanket! then when Doug had everything the three guys walked outside and went and opened the bathroom window.Doug went in first,then Micky then Jerry.Chad wasn't by the mirrors or sinks but then they heard a sleerpy sound.Jerry opened the stall door and there he found Chad leaning over the toilet,throwing up.Oh My! said Jerry.Chad swiftly turned around and wiped the vomit around his mouth with his sleeve.Hi guys...said Chad nurvusly.Doug ran to Chad and wrapped a blanket around him.Then Micky took the stuffed animal and gave it to chad with an apoligy.Then a small smile appeared on Chads face.Doug opened the door and waited outside the bathroom then Jerry followed.Micky picked Chad up and laid him on his bed.Thanx Mic...Chad said softly.Anytime kid,micky replied.Oh,i'll be right back...micky left and Jerry came in with a barf bucket and a more blankets.Then Doug came in with a hot bowl of soup and tucked Chad into bed.Then Jerry and Doug left.Chad didn't wanna sleep until Micky was back.

A half hour went by.....

Chad was getting really tired and his barf bucket was almost filled.Just then Micky came in with the new teletubbies movie and Chad's favorite red teletubbie toy.Thanks Micky! said Chad in amazement.Want me to watch it with you?asked Micky.Chad smiled and said sure! Doug came up and cleaned out Chads barf bucket and Jerry gave him more soup.Wait...bro and Jer said Chad.Doug and Jerry stopped in their tracks and looked back at Chad.Micky was listning in too.I'm really sorry i didn't tell you I was sick guys....I didn't wanna ruin your vacation.Chads smile became a frown.You didn't ruin anything! said doug.It's kinda fun being a maide.then he left.You didn't cause trouble Jerry said then he left too.Micky was still there and said this is gonna be a fun night for us! we are gonna watch teletubbles,and make prank calls ooooh! and even call my mom in the middle of the night and then hang up! yeah! said chad happily.

So chad and Micky did as they planned and had a great vacation.

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