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Noah's Biography

Name: Noah Dale Bastian

Birthday: August 26, 1979

Height: 5'8''

shoe size: 9.5

hair: blonde

eyes: blue

Birth location: San Jose area, CA

Raised: Draper, Utah

Current residence: Los Angeles, CA.

Status: Single

Acting credits: Several appearances on Promised Land, IOMEGA commercial which will be coming out again soon for a repeat, Johnny Tsunami, an appearance on Days of Our Lives, and various commercials in his home state of Utah.

Fave color: Orange

Fave movie: Loves Christmas movies. He watches them all year long.

Fave musical artists: Celine Dion, all of Andrew Lloyd Webber's work.

Fave boy band (besides 2ge+her): Backstreet Boys

Who is his ideal dream date? Sweet unaffected girls

If he could have a conversation with any living or deceased person, who would it be? His grandmother who died three months ago. He was filming the movie and couldn't attend her funeral. They were very close.

Boxers or briefs? Boxers

More Info!

Writes with what hand?: Right

Pets: Has a cat named, Rue

Brothers/Sisters: Brother Davy, 26, single; Sister, Somer, 24, married;Brother, Tyler, 23, married; Sister, 16, single.

Favorite tv shows: Funny sitcoms

Favorite food: not taffy, loves Japanese food

Favorite song: All the Phantom songs

Favorite car: drives a brand new Jetta VR6, 2000

Favorite sport: likes snowboarding

Favorite city: loved Vancouver and Seattle

Favorite drink: used to be Mt. Dew, but now drinks mostly water

Favorite sport team: Utah Jazz

Who is his major influence?: His mom because she has always believed in him and his talents.