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For those who desire worsted or semi worsted yarn,
the Viking and English Combs are perfect!

Viking Combs

Each set includes two handheld combs and are available
in maple, cherry or walnut. The comb teeth are highly polished stainless steel and are 1/8" for strength. The Standard Viking is suitable for most fleeces, for finer fleeces such as Cormo or Merino the Fine Viking with teeth set 1/4" apart is recommended. Also available is Double Row Viking which work on most all fleeces. Viking Pad is necessary if you wish to use these combs as if they were small English combs. Pads can be affixed to a sturdy surface of your choice.

  • Standard Viking $49.00
  • Fine Viking $75.00
  • Double Row Viking $75.00
  • For Cherry or Walnut add $5.00

Viking Pad

This pad will allow you to use the Viking Combs as if they were small English combs. Pads can be affixed to the sturdy surface of your choice.
  • Pad $20
  • Cherry and Walnut add $5

English Combs

English style combs were the standard of the combing industry from the Middle Ages until the late Industrial Revolution. Combs produce a smooth roving that yields a worsted yarn that is smooth and firm. Each set includes 2 combs, one base pad, two covers, diz (tool for pulling roving), doffer (tool for cleaning the leavings out of the teeth) and a straightener for fixing bent teeth without perforating your fingers. The combs have highly polished, stainless steel teeth. Available in 4, 5 and 6 pitch (pitch = row) models. The five pitch also available in "fine," with the rows of teeth set very close together.

  • ECF........ 4-Pitch....... $95.00
  • ECFI...... 5-Pitch...... $125.00
  • ECFF.. 5-Pitch.. Fine. $135.00
  • ECS....... 6-Pitch...... $145.00
  • For cherry wood add $20.00

{Louet comb image not available at this time}

Louet Combs
Dutch Combs, an old traditional way of preparing wool is combing. The double row wool combs introduced by Louet
are very efficient on medium fibers.

One comb is clamped to a table and the other is used in a combing motion to straighten the fibers quickly and efficiently. Tines are made of nickle plated steel and a lacquered beech base.

  • Dutch Hackle-Single piece $118.00
  • Dutch Hackle-Double piece $178.00

Mini Combs

The popular single row mini combs are a unique device used for dehairing and fine fiber combing. After combing, fiber can be pulled into sliver or spun straight from the combs. Made of lacquered beech.

  • Single row $64.00
  • Double row $95.00

This photo shows the difference in size between Mini and standard combs