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on previously owned equipment

We are pleased to offer this space to our customers
so they can sell equipment they no longer need.
OK, call it our "used car" lot!


~~The proceeds from the sale of these items will be advocated for hungry children in our community
through the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, Internationally thru the World Food Program and Thousand Days.~~

LeClerc Nilus 4 harness jack-type loom, 45" weaving width.
Includes 12 dent reed, reed and heddlehook, 10 5/8" wire heddles,
2 lease sticks, 4 warp rods, 2 aprons, 2 cords
and a Loom Bench - 23" x 38" upen end. $2,000

Cone Holder $70

6 dent and 8 dent reeds $65 each

Approximately 500 extra Inserted eye heddles $60

Umbrella Swift $75.00

Metal Bobbin Winder $90

Royal Ball Winder $40.00

Pictures can be sent upon request.

Great wheel pieces that don't match each other but hopefully someone may need them for their great wheels that are missing these very pieces.

Pictures soon to follow.

  • Bed/table with legs and upright
  • Large great wheel, groved rim, spokes and hub.

Price: Best Offer

Antique Flax Wheel with Distaff

One Bobbin



This mill stands 70" tall and base is 48" wide.
Circumference is approximately 100" You can put a REALLY long warp on this mill.
Adjustable braces to fit the length of your warp. Dowels can be placed at either end for a cross.


Watch this space for some great deals
on used but not abused equipment
which still has plenty of life.

Thinking of "upgrading"?
Use this space to sell your current equipment.
Ask Barbara for details.