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Merino/Silk Sliver

A sumptuous fiber blend in 7 beautiful random colour ways. The fine 22 micron merino and the lustre of the silk makes this a truly luxurious blend. Create fine, lacy and lightweight yarn for knitting or unique semi-worsted yarns for weaving.

Made from 80% New Zealand merino and 20% silk

Seven random colour ways:

  • Juniper (a midnight shade with blues, violet and black) AS-MS9114101 $14.10
  • Pomegranate (rich reds with a touch of lime) AS-MS9114102 $14.10
  • Saffron (fiery reds and gold) AS-MS9114103 $14.00
  • Cinnamon (warm earth tones) AS-MS9114104 $14.00
  • Peppercorns (forest shades of greens and brown) AS-MS9114105 $14.00
  • Salvia (jewel tones of blue, green and purple) AS-MS9114106 $14.00
  • Mulberry (glowing shades of red, mauve and gold) AS=MS9114107 $14.00