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Gaywool Dyes

These colors are so easy to use, you'll wonder why you never
tried them before. These dyes include all that is necessary to
produce colorfast dyeing - no mixing or weighing required. The
lid can be used aas the measuring device, one capful to 4 oz of
fiber. The dyeing process takes just 30 minutes and the color
will never fade, wash out or run. Instructions are included.
There are 32 colors offered that can be diluted for softer
shades, strengthened or mixed as you desire. This dye is
excellent for simmering, cold water, microwave or rainbow
dyeing. One can (3.5 oz) dyes 2.2 lbs of fiber. $12.00;
3 cans of one color $10.50 each. Color card $3.00

Colors Available
Mushroom Paw Paw Wattle
Sliverbirch Honey Comb Pumpkin
Madder Orange Water Melon Raspberry
Cornflower Coal Indigo
Lucerne Plum Avocado
Hibiscus Lavender Azalea
Primula Violet Daisy
Cedar Mulberry Musk
Blue Gum Aster Crabapple

Updated 2/2003