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Handcrafted by artisans of Ecuador from the nut of the Tagua Palm Tree. May be washed or dry cleaned and can also be dyed to match or complement your yarn.

Conservation International conducts The Tagua Initiative which is a non-profit organization to help people in the most threatened areas of the world develop economically viable alternatives to ecosystem destruction.

Stony Mountain is proud to offer these buttons!

  • SPN-105-36.... Bubble Tagua White, approx 3/4", card of 5.... $6.50
  • SPN 103-36.... Hexagon Tagua White, approx 3/4",card of 5.... $6.50
  • SPN 102-36.... Tear Drop Tagua White, approx 3/4", card of 5..... $6.50
  • CIN 110.... Tagua Nut Veined, 1", card of 5.... $10.00