Right Back Where I Started

Faith Evans

Everytime I, I try to move on
I realize I can't live without you babe

1 - Now I'm crying again
I'm missing you again
The hurt from you I thought was gone, but then
I'm right back where I started again
Unbearable's the pain I'm in

The last time you left me lonely
I told myself those days were gone
Convinced that I was finished with your kind of love
But then you called me, and you told me the things
I wanted to hear, yeah yeah yeah

Repeat 1

I thought that it was bad enough you left me baby
But even worse, you left me for my friend
I felt it wasn't even the first time, no no no no
But then you called me and you told me the things
I wanted to hear, now I cry again

Repeat 1

Well I guess nobody even told that love
It means to trust, to honor and protect
Oh, I always knew that love's a gift from God
And for love you don't lose your self respect

Repeat 1 to fade