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The Colonial Water Ski Club
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Ski Club Show Info: 
The River Show was a huge success, we had a large turnout and no one got hurt, including Danny! We had just a few showers, enought to cool everyone off as it was hot. The party at the Taltons afterwards was also great.  

Going Skiing "Unclassified" Ads: 
Buy, sell, trade, deal/swap...or just put your ideas out there, whether they're for trips, events, swap meets, or the best way to capitalize on your ski-related enthusiasm. Explore the unclassifieds to keep your finger on the pulse of the water skiing-enthusiast community. E-Mail to the Webmaster.

1991 Ski Centurion, Excellent condition, 2001 Perfect Pass, Will sell for $10,000.00 after October 15th. Contact the webmaster

Norris Paxson has sew-on CWSC patches available for purchase from the club for $1 each @ 566-8306

Buddy Talton: 
Please submit your written letter nominations for the Buddy Talton Award. Each member is allowed to submit one letter. Gary Wainwright and Patty Via will be accepting the letters until the end of the year .

Jumpers for Sale:
The Club purchased 2 sets of blank jumpers (O'Brien 72") at the bargain price of $550.00 each. We are going to put binders on one set, to have them available for club members to use. We are selling the other set, BLANK, for $550.00. If you are interested in these please contact Gordon Ivey.


 If you have a special date you would like to announce please e-mail the webmaster.

Next Meeting: 
Will be at the home of Gary & Tracy Wainwright.

On the Rivers Rest Web Site is a very good Tide Chart for the Chickahominy River. Someone asked me why I was giving them free advertising, and that is why. 


Membership Roster:
This page has been recently updated. I still did not have some information on a few people. If you see the need for some additions or corrections please e-mail the webmaster. Also for a link to this page, just e-mail the webmaster.

E-Mail the Webmaster 

Membership Dues:
For new members there is a $10.00 initiation fee.
Singles are: $15.00.
Couples are $22.50. (married couples), (legally married)
Families are $30.00.

Club Officers: 
Club Officers for the 2002 Skiing Season are as follows. We are currently accepting nominations for new club officers who will be elected at the January dinner meeting.
Business Manager Gordon Ivey
President        Tracy Wainwright
Vice President     Gary Wainwright
Corresponding Secretary    
Recording Secretary      Gordon Ivey
Treasurer Gordon Ivey

New Webmaster: 
Heather Brown will be the new webmaster for this site. While she is honing her webmaster skills I will still update it from time to time. So when you see some dramatic new and improved changes in the site you will know that Heather has fully taken over.


This page last updated on August 3, 2003.