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Genealogy Of The Pruetts 

     Much credit goes to Dr. Charles Danny Pruett (Ret.) for his determination and dedication to the Pruett Genealogy.  He worked long and many hours to bring together the data contained in these pages.  We want to thank all who donated information to this project and though there isn’t enough room to thank everyone who  helped, you know who you are and we do applaud your efforts. 

    Henry and John Pruett both signed at different times the petition to form Tazewell Co. Va. from Parts of Wythe Co. Va. in the years of 1795, 1796, 1797, 1798 and 1799.  Benjamin Pruett who was the son of John first paid taxes in Tazewell Co. Va. in 1806 and he would have been around the age of 21 or so.  In the 1820 tax list of Tazewell Co. Va. Benjamin had a son 10 to 16 years old.  This would have been Archibald Pruett who would have been fourteen years old at this time.

    In the 1840 Tazewell Co. tax list Archibald has a son ten years and under which would have been Benjamin F. Pruett, great grandfather of Bobby W. and Charles Danny Pruett. 

    Benjamin (Ben) F. Pruett followed a long line of Pruetts who fought for their country in one war or another, and he joined the Confederate Army and fought under Gen. Robert E.Lee in the 29th Va. Reg. Company H.  He was with Gen. Lee when the south surrendered at Appomattox, Virginia.  He was paroled on April 9, 1865 and was given a pass allowing him to go home to Pinoke, Va. ( later known as Graham, Va. and now known as Bluefield, Va. ) and to remain there undisturbed.  For those who find this 135 year old pass hard to read, I will translate it for you:

    Private Benj. Pruett of Co. H 29th Reg, a paroled prisoner of the Army of Northern Virginia has permission to go to his home, and there remain undisturbed.

    We must remember that Benjamin walked from Appomattox, Va. to Pinoke,    now known as Bluefield, Va. and we are very fortunate that his pass has survived.  One can only imagine the weather he fought in traveling that many miles on foot.  We should all be proud of this grandfather.

    At Sometime after the war Ben F. went to work for the Thistle Foundry in West Graham, Va. ( now known as Bluefield, Va. ) and was followed by two sons, Samuel Tilden and Raleigh Oscar (Doc).  There is a picture of Benjamin at the Foundry and his son Samuel is beside him.  There is also one surviving picture of Benjamin and his wife, Mary (Polly) Rose Pruett and their children. 

   Bob was fortunate to have Zell Neal give him a picture of his grandparents Samuel and Birdie Dilion Neal Pruett with Bob’s father William Mennis sitting on the lap of his mother and their son Frazier standing between the parents.

   You will find a picture of Raleigh Oscar “Doc” Pruett in his restaurant in Bluefield, Va.  Raleigh Oscar was the grandfather of Charles Danny Pruett.  It is said that Raleigh Oscar got the nick name of “Doc” as a young child.  His mother was a midwife and “Doc” loved to go along with her and Carry her bag.  Thus, he was nick named “Doc” and it carried with him into his later years.

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