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The Crewey/Cruey Family


    I don’t think Christiana Crewey needs any introduction for those who have researched the Crewey/Cruey line.  I have listed Christiana Crewey as a sister of Christopher Crewey for the simple reason they lived in the same area and they both came from Holland.  I believe I have found one of her lines that link with one of mine (John Wimmer), and have also listed them. This is my opinion and I do feel I am right.  I do not ask that anyone agree with me on this, but if you do not, then prove me wrong and I will delete this family from my data base.  I think we came down from Christiana’s son, William Walters, for he lived in Floyd County Virginia and died there, and had a son George Walters whom I think is the line my side connects with.  I do know that Christiana’s son John Walters and his wife Nancy lived in Giles County at one time.  I feel William Walters named his son George after his father.

    My husband, Bob, has a hand written family history of the Crewey/Cruey family written by one of his cousins several times removed.  This information was given to her by a g-grandfather, Hamilton, and tells that the Crewey/Cruey were of “Black Dutch” decent and from Holland.  Bob found from the Internet that the Black Dutch came from Holland, but were from the poorer side of the country, with ties to the Jews.  This links Christopher and Christiana to Holland.  We hope to share all this information eventually, but as his cousin is still alive, elderly and very sick, we feel it would be best not to do so at this time.  

    The Crewey/Cruey were for the most part very religious people and of the Holiness faith, or one similar to this.  A lot of them seemed to have the “sight” and could “see” things, some of what had happened, and some that would happen.  They seemed to form their own Churches and had a good fellowship.  

    Bob does a lot of research for me at our local library, and often comes in with hands full of copies.  Once he came home with his usual hand full of copies and while looking at them I came across one that peeked my interest.  I ask him if he knew what he had, and he replied, "No".  I then told him he had copied the obituary of his great grandfather, Andrew Jackson Crewey, Sr.  He had copied it only because it was a Crewey.  We were very excited about this “find”.     

    I  also have a cut glass mug that was once owned by Andrew Jackson Crewey and his wife Mary Cline.  This is one of a set they used for drinking their coffee in, and I have passed this on to my daughter Kim, and it is now treasured by her.  This mug was the only thing found after the Indian Creek flooded in 1901 taking everything owned by the Crewey’s and others who lived in Indian Creek, (now known as Cedar Bluff, Virginia),  The mug was found by Mary Cline Crewey after the river receded as she and the children walked along the river looking for anything they may have owned.  This mug was passed down from Barbara to her daughter Mary LaVern (named for her grandmother) to me and on to my daughter.  Kim also has a daughter, Tiffany, who knows the history of this mug and will someday own it.  

    Bob and I are more familiar with his grandmother, Barbara, and her brother Andrew Jackson (Bud) Cruey, Jr.  Bud’s father became angry with him when he married Kate Brown and Bud left home and moved to Belfast area for sometime, changing the spelling of his last name from Crewey to Cruey.  After cooling” down and returning to the fold, he maintained this spelling of his last name and handed it down to his children.  Bob’s grandmother on the other hand, kept the spelling of Crewey until she died.  I use Cruey for the most part as this seems to be the choice of most people.  

    Bob’s grandmother, Barbara, was very religious and at times had her own small Church where she taught religion to small children.  She was also knowledgeable about home remedies for any illness you had.  I remember several of them she told me to use on my children when they were young, and they really worked.  

    Her brother, Andrew Jackson (Bud) Cruey, Jr. was always the first to have “new” inventions, often inventing them himself.  He had the first electric lights in his home by making himself a generator to supply the power.  He had the first running water in his kitchen, and the first telephone.  He also had the first camper, built onto the back of a pick up truck, or what we would today call a pick up truck.  He installed a coal stove in this camper to keep them warm on cool nights.   

    He owned the first car in Cedar Bluff, Virginia and how he obtained it is quiet a story.  A carnival came to town and the owner had a 1910 Victor with wooden wheels, spokes and metal rims, much like wagon wheels and a cloth top that buckled down.  The car broke down and “Uncle Bud” (as he was called by most everyone) offered to repair it for him.  Uncle Bud had never worked on a car before, and in fact had never seen one in person before this time.  There is no doubt he wanted this car, another “first” for his own.  When the carnival was ready to leave town the owner couldn’t pay the price Uncle Bud charged for repairs, so he kept the car.  Another first! ! !  I often wonder if Uncle Bud might have known how much money the owner had; therefore knowing how much to charge.  

    He also had a monkey that he kept in a large cage because it was pretty mean due to the teasing of children. It’s name was “Old Souse” and Bob remembers going there and the monkey getting loose and attacking Uncle Bud, scratching and biting him.  But, he kept the monkey until it died, often hanging it on the porch in the summer for others to enjoy.  

    We do hope this genealogy is of some help, and that some of you will enjoy the short stories.  If you find mistakes, and I am sure there are some herein, make the corrections on the copy you print out and let us know so that we may correct it in our data base.

                                          Pauline Pruett

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