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Lord Damien's Metal Links

CoF Links

Cradle Of Filth: Asphyxiated Oblivion
Cradle Of Filth - I Raped The Virgin Mary And Hung The Bastard Christ
Cradle Of Filth - Cruelty And The Beast
Cradle Of Filth - Dark Faerytales
The Official Cradle Of Filth Webpage

Deicide Webpages

Unofficial Deicide Homepage
Deicide: The Killing Of A God
Deicide: When Satan Rules His World
A Pretty Good Deicide Site

Other Cool Webpages

The Official Web-Empire of EMPEROR
The Realm of CROWBAR
Insignium - German Black Metal
The Olden Domain - Official Borknagar Website
A Land Forlorn - Opeth
Pages of Tragedy - Official Theatre of Tragedy Homepage
The Official BAL-SAGOTH Website
Moonspell/Daemonarch Website
The Unofficial My Dying Bride Sanctuary
Deinonychus - Misery Eternally... Official Deinonychus Site
Venom - The 7 Gates Of Hell
My Friend Jamie's Webpage
The Official AVERNUS Website
Autumn Tears
Mistress Jessicka's Website
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: The Cave Inn
The Official London After Midnight Website
Jody's Spooky Doll House