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Cradle Of Filth: The Red Rose Of The Devil's Whore


Dusk Has Enveloped The Land, And Pale Diana Shines With All Her Glory Down Upon The Land. As The Whispering Forest Beckons Thee Towards It's Ebon Grasp, You Wonder....What Fate Awaits Me In The Forest? Give In, Allow Your Instinct To Take Over, Float Headlong Into What Will Surely Be Your Demise. Enter The Moonlight Gate Into Carpathia.....

This Page Is Created And Maintained By Lord Damien Jared Arcturus Demeter.

Last Updated On January 25th Anno 2000 C.E.

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This Dark Faerytales site
owned by
--Damien Jared Arcturus Demeter--.

Herein may lie your heart's darkest desire


This Cradle of Filth Ring is owned by Damien Jared Arcturus Demeter .

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