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USS Nimitz(CVN-68) Machine Shop EA09 - 1987-1989

Welcome to the Nimitz Machine shop page!

This is a page dedicated to one shop on board the Nimitz during a period from 1987 to 1989. during this time I got to know several Sailors that were Machinery Repairman and became friends with them. We did everything together. We worked, ate, slept in the same cube, and went on liberty together. We were so close that we still keep in touch to this day. So sit back and enjoy the photo's and story of the mighty Nimitz and travel back to a different time in our Navy. A time during the Cold War.
1.MR3 "Biker" Bob Ayers from Montana 2. MR2 "Boater" Bob Riedel from California and friend in France 1987 3. MR3 "Mikester" Mike Adams from Illinois 4. MR2 Joe "the Cop" Basso from Brooklyn, NY.

1. Larry Ray Bridges and me in Hawaii 2. Joe Basso and MR2 Daryl Lore from Ohio. 3. Liberty In Turkey" The Gang" 4. MR2 Larry Ray Bridges fronm North Carolina.

1. MR1 Cliff Evans from Michigan. Shellback initiations 2. Me and my bike in June 1988.Honda GS650 Nighthawk " The Sewing Machine" 3. The entrance to "the Gut" in Toulon France. 4. The colliseum in Rome.

Shellback initiations June 1987

1. Blowing out a padeye. 2. Royal Baby. 2. a view looking down at the elevator. 3. The ass still smarts over that!

1. Me and a "Friend"(Barfly) in France. 2. Larry Ray Bridges and Bob Riedel in the Alps skiing or falling down whichever you prefer.

1. A panoramic view of the Alps, April or May 1987....somewhere my keys to my locker are up there!

"Friends" we met on Liberty

1. Ski Lodge Guide. 2. Bar tender in Toulon, France. 3. Bartender at the Ski Lodge in the in French Alps.( we met alot of bartenders!)4. Bob Riedel's friend we met in thae Alps (not a Bartender!)

Liberty Pics

1. The Toulon Naval Base Gate. 2. A view of the staute of Christ in Rio De Janiero, Brazil. 3. A view of Toulon, from above. 4. The Palace at Monaco, France as seen from a liberty boat.

More Nimitz shots

1. Liberty boat ride into fleet landing, Toulon, France. A familiar site for us going on liberty. 2. Bob Riedel and Daryl Lore in the Machine Shop 1987. 3. The "Crow Killer" MMCS Rivas, had three crows painted on his office wall in aft O2N2 to signify the three sailors he had busted...what a jerk. 4. Belly Dancer in Turkey.

More Nimitz shots

1. "Wakey, Wakey!" our tour guide in Rome ...she used to come on the tour bus and say this to everyone that fell asleep during the tour.2. The only decent place to eat in France... even if the meals weren't like that at home. Beer with a burger is great idea though! 3. A view of the Straights of Juan de Fuca, as the Nimitz sailed around South America.4. A view of Toulon France, Bob Riedel, Daryl Lore or Larry Ray Bridges(I can't remember), and I walked all the way up the hill about three miles to take this shot.

More Nimitz shots

1. Bob Riedel and Daryl Lore coming back from liberty...had a few under their belt,I might say. 2.Me at the Vatican, March 1987. A view of the Arizona Memorial as we pulled in to Pearl Harbor, June or July 1988. 3. The USS Misouri (BB-63) when she was on Active duty 1988, Pearl Harbor, HI.

The Machine Shop in September or October 1988 on WestPac. L to R front row 1.MR2 Rick Miller from Wyoming 2. Chief Alba from ???P.I. ??? 3. Me
Back row L to R 1. MR3 Ken Elliot from Tennessee 2. Larry Ray Bridges from King Mountain, North Carolina 3. Bob Riedel from California, 4. Cliff Evans from Michigan, 5. MRFN Brian Humphreys from Kentucky. Missing is MR3 Mark Sampson from Buffalo, New York.

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