In The Mind's Eye of a Mad Man

Good day and salutations, I’m Ryan and you have stumbled upon the oh so secret liar where my deepest, darkest secrets are revealed. Well…Some of them aren’t so dark, or deep, kinda scary sometimes. Well in either case, this is my webpage, and this is were I am going to be putting a great many things. First and for most, I’d just like to tell you what will be put on here the most. My pictures! Yes, yes, I am an artist, or so I like to think so. My passion is anime, especially Cat-girls! Yes! Cat-girls. I am absolutely obsessed with them. And I am in the process of actually making one. Well….ok….I just glued fur to a manikin and put some cat-ears and a tail one it. But my voodoo magic will make it real, just gotta find the right dance. I am also a writer, and have a few stories I would like to post for your enjoyment. And of course….A page dedicated to my own (twisted) point of view.

Venture deeper..