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20 Year Reunion

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(Please do not fill out this questionnaire and send it to me. If you want to contact any of the 1999 reunion committee members please call:
Nancy Nolan at (805) 546-8472, Earl Darway at (805) 541-1779, Shari Bass at (805) 544-7336, or Rick Cramer at (805) 546-8579--Thanks! Barbara)
Name: Maiden Name:
Are you Married/Divorced/Single?
If so, where did you meet your spouse?
Do you have children?(If so, how many):
The travel distance to get to SLO? How Often do you visit San Luis Obispo County?
College Degree? Major? How many times did you change your major?
If you could choose any occupation, what would it be?
What could you be famous for?
Any advice that you would give to the Class of 2000?
Guess how many of your classmates still live in S.L.O. County (out of 393):
Have you served in the Armed forces? If so, what branch?
Biggest thing that has happened to you since graduation:
Friend(s) you've wondered about over the years:
Who was your favorite teacher?
What political party do you belong to?
Do you own a foreign or domestic auto?
Where did you go to make out?
What store did you shop at during high school?
Any one you hope to see at the next reunion?

We are already planning the 25th year reunion for the 1977, 1978, and 1979 classes in the year 2002! Would you be interested in a cruise, LA to Mexico, 3-4 day, estimated cost is $600-$1000 per couple?   Yes or No

If not, what would you like to do?

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