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Just in time for their debut outing, J.j. Williams joins XSmashcasters as its new guitarist in time for their anticipated August 5, 2017 show at the Ante Room in Charlottesville, VA. with The Brickbats (from NYC) and The Chuggernauts.


The Smashcasters - "Broken Instruments" EP ( Records)

Broken Instruments

1.) Broken Instruments
2.) Mover & Shaker
3.) Under My Radar

After 10 years, The Smashcasters teamed up again with Dan-O (Rocket 69/Adam West/The Rats) at Snake Oil Records/Recording to record their newest EP "Broken Instruments". A copy has even made its way into the hands of one of their songwriting heroes: Glen Matlock of The Sex Pistols/The Rich Kids/The Philistines fame!"Broken Instruments" is now available for purchase via download at

You can purchase a download of the full release or single tracks at:

The Smashcasters at

A promotional clip of the song "Broken Instruments" is available here:

"Broken Instruments" video


The Smashcasters - "The Early Years" ( Records)

The Early Years

Featuring tracks from their first two EPs, "The Early Years" is now available for purchase via download at

You can purchase a download of the full release or single tracks at:

The Smashcasters at


The Smashcasters are working with Kevin Shell, a fellow former member of The Halfways, for an upcoming EP.


A new Smashcasters FACEBOOK page is now up and running. Included on the page is an exclusive promotional clip of the song "Sequence Blue". Check it out and "Like" if you'd like to follow the band!

The Smashcasters Facebook page


A huge THANK YOU to the Optimus Prime of underground music writers, Gunther 8544, for doing an awesome piece on The Smashcasters for the Virginia-based Hardcore website. The band hopes to play Tidewater soon!

Smashcasters interview at Hardcore


The Smashcasters thank Bruce Thomas for filling in on drums for their show in July.


Journalist Phillip Ranallo is at it again, this time filming a short documentary film about The Smashcasters. Let the good times roll by clicking on the link below to see his Oscar nominated short film:

Smashcasters Band Documentary


The Smashcasters have been interviewed and filmed for the Midlothian Exchange newspaper's weekly internet newscast Midlo 5 (we believe the kids are calling them "webcasts" these days). Click on the link below to see the following:

Smashcasters interview in the Midlothian Exchange

Smashcasters Midlo 5 webcast segment (August 14, 2007 edition)

The Smashcasters would like to thank Phillip Ranallo, Brigitte Petrine, and Corey Amado for doing the piece on them for the Midlothian Exchange.


"News Of The World Mk. II: Songs For Scootering" - Various Artists (Howitzer Records)

News Of The World 2

The Smashcasters track "24/7 Breakdown" appears on the Howitzer Records Mod/Power Pop/Soul/Reggae/Retro compilation "News Of The World Mk. II: Songs For Scootering". The compilation also features tracks from these 21 other great artists:

The Risk, MegaSuperUltra, Boss Martians, Noise A Noise, Yeh-Yeh, Go Generation, Lisa Mychols, Thee Jenerators, The Urges, Freebooting Profiteers, The Sharpshooters, Seaside Riot, Grasp, The Keepers, HeadQuarters, Mod Fun, The Ambitions, The Eddies, Maninblack, The Points, and The Itch.

You can buy a copy of the compilation at:

Howitzer Records


"Reds Strike The Blues: A Tribute To The Redskins" - Various Artists (Red Star Recordings)

Reds Strike The Blues

The Smashcasters recorded a cover of the song "The Crack" for The Redskins tribute album "Reds Strike The Blues: A Tribute To The Redskins" (from the U.K.'s Red Star Recordings). The compilation also features great tracks by bands such as The Inciters, Maninblack, Peasant Army, and Rinaldi Sings (among others).

You can buy a copy of the compilation and view bios of all of the bands involved at:

Red Star Recordings


The Smashcasters - second EP (self-released)

1.) Thankful
2.) Sequence Blue
3.) Danger Boy
4.) Motivated Heartbreaker
5.) 24/7 Breakdown
6.) Somebody Got Murdered (The Clash)

The Smashcasters have finished recording, mixing and mastering six songs for an upcoming release. The tracks were recorded and produced by Josh Mustin of Charlottesville, Virginia's Chicken Wire Studio and street punk sensations The Elderly. The Smashcasters have a long history with Josh: he's not only a long-time friend and all around cool guy, but he was also The Smashcasters' very first guitarist.


The Smashcasters have a new supplemental web page on the internet (a sort of Cliff Notes for this very website) at The address is:

It's basically a quick reference page about the band, replete with bio, upcoming show dates, photos, links to our main website, and song downloads (keep an eye out there for postings of some of our recently recorded tracks).


The Smashcasters - first EP (self-released)

1.) Nothing Wrong With Me
2.) A.S.A.P. (The Press)
3.) Fairweather
4.) Where Are You Now?

Recorded in late 2003 at Snake Oil Recording (by Dan-O of Adam West & Rocket 69 fame), the band's debut EP/demo is currently getting airplay on Richmond's Y101 FM (thanks to Special Ed of Community Service) and 102.1 FM The X. The recording also features the guitar work of Scott Badger (formally of the 1980s hardcore outfits Unseen Force & 2000 Maniacs). The EP is presently being shopped around to record labels and given out to friends & associates in even larger quantities. It's even made its way into the hands of such notable artists as Ted Leo, Andrew W.K., Dave Smalley, Micky Fitz, Roger Miret, André Schlesinger, & Billy Idol!

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