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The Smashcasters/XSmashcasters are a Charlottesville/Richmond, Virginia-based band whose style encompasses genres such as 1970s-Style New York Punk, Street Punk, Mod, Power Pop, Protopunk, Gothic, Glam, Oi!, Soul and Rock & Roll.

The earliest incarnation of the band came together in 2001. The latest line up features former members of the 1990s old-school punk/rock 'n' roll stalwarts The Halfways and The Counselors as well as the local 2000s goth legends In Tenebris and If/Then.

The band has recorded three well-received EPs and has contributed tracks to various compilation albums. They're also currently interested in booking shows, dealing with new record labels, being considered for radio airplay, and being interviewed/reviewed for print media.

The Smashcasters are:
Ryan Nowlan - vocals
Angelo DeFranzo - bass guitar
Shawn Stagner- drums
J.j. Williams - guitar

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