Cold, cruel, callous, and utterly evil, the Baali are the “boogie-men” other Kindred tell their Childer about to scare them. This line originated in Mesopotamia and is generally thought to have been eradicated centuries ago by a coalition of the other clans who couldn’t stomach the Baalis’ depraved practices. Baali are devil worshippers and only embrace the most intelligent, driven, and callous of kine. They wait for the day when their Dark Masters will roam the earth, making it into a virtual hell. But until that time, they will do all they can to corrupt as many mortals and Kindred to the Forces of Darkness as possible.

Clan History

History - Revised

Baali Clan Bible (un-official)

A History Of The Kindred

Baali Clan Book

Baali Antitribu

Baali Millenium

Sample Charachters

Merits, Flaws, & Stuff


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