aaron * aiya! i haven't spoke to u foh so damn long!!! where were u???

rajit * hey man~ 'sup? wut r u doing this summer anywayz??! hehe, i wonder....hmm... meditate?

michael w. * hAhAhA!! lolol! ur like the funniest blob i've ever met~u just.... wutz the word..... AHAHA!!! u crack me up sooo badly some times! well i heard that ur *** is getting married.... wuz it august 24th?

benz * u r so weird...~ preety funny too i guess? lol! dunno wut to say.... hey ur in hk too rite??

rex * dUdE..how's ur new school?? getting used to it? come back n' visit once in a while or something... yea n' get wild w/ ur fwenziez~ ttyl on msn!

eddie * i SeRiOuSLY duNnO wUt tO sAy... wELL.. hope ur having fun in taiwan! talk to u some time la~

teddy * heyhey~! 'sup'sup??? im preety bored right now.... so when is ur msn gonna work again?

ronald * haha... ur taking the same summer course as me in magee~ lol.. i couldn't go today... SICK! u never go on msn anymore except for when ur at school... y?? go on >>MORE<<!!

clement * yo... how's it been? ur probably just sitting in front of the comp playing CS 24/7. yeah, that's probably it. lol. well talk to u soon!

charles * hey! looks like ur having a preety darn boring summer...when r u watching master of disguise? if u already did im gonna ask u 'bout it cuz if itz like really bad then im not gonna go see it...cuz the reviews were pretty funny! LOL! ttyl!

brian * u left for indonesia yet?? i believe ur going to japan too? well have fun there!...it's probably gonna be as hot as hell.... haha~ eNjOY!


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