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The Story of CCS (basic)

This is for those of you who doesn't know what Card Captor Sakura is about. I am not going to give you every single information there are from the very beginning to the very end because I do not wish this story to be a spoiler to the viewers who watches CCS and doesn't want to know the whole story yet and who is wanting to get the information from watching the television show or anything else they get the information from. 

Card Captor Sakura is a magnificent and exciting story of Sakura Kinomoto (Sakura Avalon) as which her original name is called in Japanese. She is a sporty, nice, cheerful, and cute 4th grader who lived a *fairly* normal life. But which there were still weird stuff that had been happening all along in their family that they haven't known of. Then one day when she opened a book in her dad's library in its basement and accidentally released the Clow Cards with her unknown magic. Somewhat across the country or world. Now Sakura, along with her cousin and friends, Tomoyo (Madison), Cerberus (also called Kero and is the guardian beast of the Clow Cards), and Syaoran (Li). Maybe Meilin too...but anyway. Also, with the person she has a crush on, Yukito (also when he transforms he is Yue...but that's later on in the story), and a bit of her brother, Touya (Tori) too. They'll have to capture all of the Clow Cards before the cards make disaster upon the world.