Inspire 60: The Angel's Friend

The Angel's Friend

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Inspirational # 60

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Once upon a sadden tear
she remembers losing her best dear.
She sits upon the wilting flowers
and memories pour to her head for hours.

The mound of grass she kneels upon at ease
trying to find some kind of inner peace.
She talks a loud with no one around
to a stone that's marked "Heaven Bound".

What she doesn't know is she's not alone
theres an angel standing beside the stone.
The wind she feels blowing in her hair
is the angel's sign to show he is there.

He flutters his wings up and down
as she turns around to find the sound.
For the stone she kneels before to pray
is her best friend, the angel that watches her every day.

"Goodbye, I love you and I'll be back again" the angel whispers "I'll be waiting my friend."

~Angela Shrum

SUBMITTED BY: Me (Moonlght80)