Inspire 5: A Touching But Funny Story

A Touching But Funny Story

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Inspirational # 5

Fifteen years ago, Karen was born with a debilitating condition. At the age of one year, because of surgical complications, she suffered a heart attack and was clinically dead for one hour, resulting in harm to her brain. However, with all of these challenges in her life she has grown to be a very beautiful and inspirational young lady, with a clarity that usually humbles and brings a smile to those around her.
Regardless of her condition, her greatest fear in her life has been Santa Claus, solely because of the lyric in a particular Christmas song that says, "He sees you when you're sleeping..." She has always imagined this big, red-clad, hairy- faced man watching her as she is sleeping, and it has scared her so much throughout her life that in recent years her mother has thought that she should really tell her the truth about Santa Claus, but was concerned about the disappointment that might bring.
Karen recently began having these dreams again in quite a severe manner and became so anxious and irrational about the whole thing that her mother decided, in a panic, to tell her the dreaded news. Holding Karen close and looking straight into her eyes, her mother said, "Karen, listen to me, calm down and listen to me...THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS! MOMMY IS SANTA CLAUS, MOMMY HAS ALWAYS BEEN SANTA CLAUS! You don't have to be scared anymore." Karen looked at her mother with a blank expression and went off to sleep.
The next day when Karen went to school she looked disturbed, so much so that her teacher made a point of asking her what the problem was. Karen answered in a very serious and concerned voice, "I am very worried about my mom." When the teacher asked her why, she answered in an equally serious voice, "She thinks she's Santa Claus!"

by Brian Locke