Inspire 58: Take Time...

Take Time...

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Inspirational # 58

Take time to take--
the small gifts so hesitatingly offered by a friend.
the proud handmade present from a child.

Take time to listen--
to the old man's too oft-told tale
to a husband's words of love

Take time to share--
a moment with a lonely soul(for loneliness shared becomes love).
a sorrow with a bereaved friend (for sorrow shared becomes comfort).

Take time to touch--
another human (which means "I care for you, I trust you").
another life (for that is what life is all about).

Take time for each other--
for nothing else is that important.

Take time to live--
to dance for fun
to sing for joy
to paint or sew or create a beautiful gift.

Take time to watch--
the snow swirling outside the windowpane,
the flames dancing in the fireplace.

Take time for gladness--
for this faltering, fumbling world is, after all, mostly good!


SUBMITTED BY: Me (Moonlght80)