Inspire 57: Take Care Of Your Friends

Take Care Of Your Friends

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Inspirational # 57

Friend is a word that I don't throw around
Though it's used and abused, I still like the sound.
I save it for people who've done right by me
And I know I can count on, if ever need be.
Some of my friends drive big limousines
Own ranches and banks and visit with queens,
And some of my freinds are up to their neck
In overdue notes and can't write a check.
They're singers or ropers or writers of prose
And others, God bless 'em, can't blow their own nose!

I guess bein' friends don't have nothing' to do
With talent or money or knowin' who's who.
It's a comf'terble feelin' when you don't have to care,
'Bout chosin' your words or bein' quite fair.
'Cause friends'll just listen and let go on by
Those words you don't mean and not bat an eye.
It makes a friend happy to see your success.
They're proud of yer good side and forgive all the rest.

And that ain't so easy, all of the time,
Sometimes I get crazy and seem to go blind!
Yer friend just might have to take you on home,
Or remind you sometime, that you're not alone.
Or ever so gently pull you back to the ground,
When you think you can fly, with no one around.
A hug or a shake, whichever seems right
Is the high point of givin', I'll tell ya tonight,
All worldly riches and tributes of men,
Can't hold a candle to the worth of a friend.

"Baxter Black"

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