Inspire 3: A Rose

A Rose

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Inspiration # 3

"What is in a name?
That which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet."



A friend is always there,
to laugh or to cry,
to share your triumphs
They care for you when,
it seems like no one else does,
They do not give up on you,
when you have given up on yourself.

Thank you for being a friend
even when I was not
exactly the best person
to be around.

You are my friend
and you are the best
type of flower
in all of God's creation.
Every single one of you, my friends,
are an everlasting rose,
and I am one of the
luckiest people on the world,
because each and every day,
I have my own boquet of roses.

I can not express how
much you mean to me
and so I am sending you
this rose and a prayer
that everone you meet
will be as blessed as I am
and that one day
I may be the rose to someone
that you are to me today.


SUBMITTED BY: Elizabeth (Kishv)