Inspire 27: Have Faith

Have Faith

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Inspirational # 27

It was a Thursday afternoon, a week before Thanksgiving. I walked into the door from work and hung up my jacket. I was about to look through the mail, following my daily routine, when my husband took it from my hands and said, "Sit down. I have something to tell you."
My subconscious instantly began asking quesitons, What could be so bad that he needs to sit me down? I did as he asked and waited impatiently for the bombshell to drop.
"I lost my job today." There it was - the bombshell. Just like that, he stuck it to me. It took me a few moments for the words to actually sink in.
"Why?" was my only question. I knew he couldn't have been fired; he is much too good at his job (physical therapist assistant) and the patients adore him. He tells me all the time how much everyone loves him. And I never give it a second thought. Of course they do. They see what I see. A wonderful man who cares so much about everyone else.
He went on to tell me that the company was losing money and they had to cut positions. Since he was lowest on the totem poll, he was one of the many to get laid off.
"I thought it may be coming, but not this quick," he said. I felt like he should have clued me in on it; then maybe it wouldn't have been such a shock. I sat there speechless for a couple of minutes, thinking all these thoughts in my head: What are we going to do? We can't survive on my salary. We'll have to cut down on our spending, our food intake, get rid of the cell phones...and forget about buying that piece of property we were looking at. The tears began to fall.
"We'll be okay," my husband told me, kneeling in front of me and taking my hands into his. "How?" I asked. Maybe he knew something I didn't about our finances and how we were going to continue to pay our monthly bills.
"If I have to work two jobs to do it, we'll be okay." He wasn't even a bit shaken up. Maybe it was because he had some time to let it soak in, I don't know. But there I was a wreck, falling into little pieces, and he was solid as a stone, ready and willing to put me back together again.
That next day, Friday, was to be his last. One day notice! I was angry at the company, angry at the world, because this was not in my agenda for life and it wasn't supposed to happen to me!
Thanksgiving came that next week and luckily I had time to let things settle in my mind. I found myself saying "thanks" to all the good things in my life that evening while eating turkey with my family. After all, I had a good job where I had just recently gotten a big raise, we had some money in the bank, we had our family and friends there to stick by us. How selfish could I be? Who needs steak dinners and a cell phone and so many clothes that you can't fit them in the closet? Nobody needs them. I wanted them. But I realized that day that it didn't matter. Somehow we would get through it.
Two weeks after my husband got laid off, he went for an interview at another health care facility. And after a couple of days waiting, he was offered the job. Same pay. Good benefits. I couldn't have been happier or more relieved.
I knew that the angels were watching over us and that God would not let us fall very far. We were very fortunate that we didn't have to put our dreams on hold and were able to put a down payment on the land we were hoping to buy.
I'll never forget how I was feeling that day my husband told me the bad news -- I thought it had to have been the worst thing yet to happen in our life. But I didn't know then what God had in store for us. The new job that my husband has now is wonderful! He loves it. And we know now that his lay-off was a blessing in disguise. I feel blessed that I am able to continue living the way we have been and that we didn't have to get rid the cell phones or have to pass up buying that land.
But more importantly, I feel blessed because I know, in the hard times of our life, we can get through anything, as long as we stick together and have faith.