Inspire 21: Faith Hope and Love

Faith Hope and Love

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Inspirational # 21

Faith..Hope..and Love
"Three charms" for your arm
But each is much more
Than a mere "bracelet charm"

They are Three Treasures
More priceless than gold.
For if you posses them
You've riches untold--

For the Faith to believe
What your eyes cannot see
And Hope to look forward
To new joy yet to be.

And love to transform
The most common place
Into beauty and kindness
And goodness and grace.

There's nothing too much
To accomplish or do
For with Faith, Hope and Love
To carry you though.

Your life will be happy
And full and complete
For with Faith, Hope and Love
The 'bitter' turns 'sweet'--

For all earthly joys
And heaven's joys, too
Belong to God's children
Who are Faithful and True.

Written By: Helen Steiner Rice

SUBMITTED BY: Bec (DailyInspiration)