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The Battle of the Spotsylvania Courthouse May 8-21, 1864

Spotsylvania, VA

The Mule Shoe

This was the tip of the confederate "Mule shoe". Maj. General Hancock's Union 2nd Corps will attack from across the field to carry this position early May 12th. His corps attack towards you.

This is yet another Mule Shoe shot.


McCoull House

This is the site of the McCoull House. It was nearby on the morning of May 12 that confederate General Robert E. Lee tried to lead his men into battle.


Landrum House

This is the Landrum House near the "Bloody Angle."

Harrison House

This is the site of the Harrison House. It was Lee's headquarters during the first phase of the battle.

Spindle Farm

This is the site of the Spindle farm.  It was a building between the lines at Laural Hill.

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