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My Favorite Links

Here are my favorite Civil War links. Check 'em out!!!

Civil War National Parks

The Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park Homepage
The Manassas National Battlefield Park Homepage
The Richmond National Battlefield Homepage
The Petersburg National Battlefield Homepage
The Antietam National Battlefield Homepage
The Gettysburg National Military Park Homepage
Monocacy National Battlefield Homepage 
Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park 
Shiloh National Military Park 
Vicksburg National Military Park 

Other Civil War Sites

The Homepage of Jim Schmidt and Curtis Fears
The Civil War Artillery Page
Co. I, 47th VA Infantry "Stafford Guards"
The American Civil War Homepage
The U.S. Civil War Sharpshooters Homepage!
Civil War Index Page
U.S. Civil War Center 
Rappahannock Valley Civil War Round Table
South Carolina in the Civil War

Other Links

The Dallas Cowboys The BEST professional athletes in the world
The University of Michigan Wolverines The BEST college athletes in the world
Official Web Site of the U. S. Air Force  The best air force on the planet
The Air Force Biography of General Curtis E. LeMay The greatest military mind the world has seen
Jolly Rogers Squadron Past & Present
coolest navy squadron
RAF Mildenhall, England
my childhood home
The Boeing Company
builders of the best big planes in the business
Offutt Air Force Base
onetime HQ of SAC 
Mountain Home AFB

my favorite cartoon
The Online Blackbird Museum
 The greatest machine ever built
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport 
Nikon Inc. (USA) the people that make my camera
Red Arrows The absolute best demonstration team in the world