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The Battle of Gettysburg July 1-3, 1863

This is the Virginia Monument located on Seminary Ridge.

This is the 140th New York Monument located on Little Round Top. That is Col. Patrick O'Rorke on the face. He was killed July 2 during the fight for Little Round Top.

This is the backside of McPherson's Woods. The Iron Brigade will make its July 1st stand in these woods.

This is the 20th Maine marker on the backside of Little Round Top. This is where Chamberlain makes his July 2nd stand.

This was taken from top of the Longstreet Tower. In the middle is the Peach Orchard of July 2nd fame.

This is the North Carolina marker located at "The Angle" on Cemetery Ridge.

This was taken from the Emmitsburg Road. You are looking at the crest of Cemetery Ridge. U.S. Soldiers defended that ridge successfully July 3, 1863 during Pickett's Charge.

This is the Longstreet Monument erected in 1998. It is located on Seminary Ridge

This is my favorite photo of Little Round Top taken near Devils Den.  Note Big Round Top on the right.

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