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Chancellorsville Battlefield May 1-6 1863

Spotsylvania, VA

Jackson's Arm

This is the headstone for "Stonewall" Jackson's arm.  It's actually located on the Wilderness Battlefield.

Jackson Wounding Area 

The 18th North Carolina would have been positioned along the shady side of the road.  This is the regiment that shot Jackson.


While returning from a staff ride, Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was fired upon by his own troops. Jackson and his staff had went out in front of his own troops to scout the Federal army on the evening of May 2, 1863.


This is the quartz Jackson Rock. It is the first marker to mark the occasion of Jackson's wounding. it is located near the Chancellorsville Battlefield Visitors Center.


The next three photos are of the Jackson Monument. It was put up after the Jackson Rock. However it does not mark the spot of the wounding.

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