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The Battle of Antietam September 17, 1862

Sharpsburg, MD

These are pictures from the Antietam battlefield

Bloody Lane, where John Gordon sustained 5 wounds during the fight.

Looking down Bloody Lane from the southern end, back toward Robert Rodes' position.

Looking the other way down Bloody Lane, showing G.B. Anderson's position.

The Dunker Church, Stonewall Jackson's command post and Union objective.

The Texas monument in the cornfield. After their charge, John Bell Hood replied that his command was "dead on the field."

This upended cannon marks the spot where G.B. Anderson was killed at the Bloody Lane.

This is the position of the Washington Artillery. Orlando Willcox' Federal division attacked over this ground and the rise in the distance toward Sharpsburg.

Crossing Burnside Bridge toward the 48th Pa position.

Bloody Lane from the observation tower. The Federals attacked from the right of the picture.

The fields behind the Bloody Lane, as seen from the tower. Over these fields small bands of Confederate infantry and artillery fought desperately to hold Richardson's division back; E. P. Alexander later stated that at this point "the end of the Confederacy was in sight."

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