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The Surnames of Ireland by MacLysaght states:
Page 196
"Little This English name is used as a synonym by translation of Begg, Biggane, Beggane and Petty or Pettit."

Page 15
"Begg(e) In Leinster this is mainly the epithetic surname of a Norman family formed from the adjective beag (small), as is Bueg in Co. Cork; In Ulster, as Beggs, it is sometimes a variant of the English name Bigge. SIF 15."

Page 18
"(O) Biggane, Biggins Ó Beagáin and Ó Bigin. This has been largely supersedded in Munster by the English names Little and Littleton (beag, little) Beggan(e) is the Ulster spelling, mainly Co. Monaghan. Biggins is used in Co. Mayo."

Page 244
"Petty This is basically the same as Petit or Pettitt, which is a much more numerous name. The Petits were early settlers in Meath. The principal Petty family was established in Co. Kerry by the famous Sir William Petty in the seventeenth century. Little, by translation, is a synonym in Co. Wexford."

Page 196
Littleton This is synonymous with Little in Co. Down and so with Beggane.

My Little Ancestor is Margaret Little, see what I know.

My other Little Ancestor is Martha Little, see what I know.

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