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WrestleSFX Online!


Yes sir Mr. McMahon.

World Wrestling Federation Attitude right here!


The most anti-social, counter-culture, rebel wrestling promotion around. Now nationally televised Fridays at 8pm on TNN!

Wrestling inside info

For in-depth info from behind the scenes in wrestling go here. Wrestlemaniacs, MiCasa, Online Onslaught included.

Titan A.E.
Ok folks, I got caught up in all this Titan A.E. stuff. It looks like an awesome movie. This is one of its cheesy websites. So if you want to join my "crew," click this link, register, then when you "join a ship" join mine...the "Makyo Star"....yes this is in reference to the source of Garlic Jr's power. Can you think of a better name?

Pay-Per-View of the month.

Opinion Section:

Nothing to report. Yes, boring I know....well...what have you done that was any more entertaining as of late?

The song you are hearing now is a midi version of Metallica's song "Master of Puppets." Right-click the following link to save the song.

- Metallica - Master of Puppets

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