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Welcome to my page. I am a decendant of William Terry and Rachel Marston. Here is my direct line

Generation 1

My GGGGG Grandparents:

William Terry, born 1724 in Botetourt County, Virginia...Died 1803 in Botetourt County, Virginia...Married Rachel Marston, February 3, 1759
in Botetourt County, Virginia.

More about William Terry

It has been noted in several places that William Terry married Rachel Marston; however, no primary sources exist to support this claim.

Generation 2

Children of William and Rachel:

John Terry born 1760 in Botetourt County, Virginia...Died December 7, 1842 in Perry County, Indiana.
..Married Esther Brown February 2, 1781 in Virginia, they had 14 children

More about John Terry:

John Terry and his family moved to Wayne County, Kentucky about 1807.
He and Josiah Terry are on the Wayne County tax list of 1808.
Both are listed as living on the South Fork of the Cumberland River. The 1810 Wayne County census listed by the Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfurt, Kentucky, page 362 lists both John and Josiah Terry. There are no Terrys in the Wayne County records after 1813. John Terry left Wayne County, Kentucky about 1815. He moved to Perry County, Indiana, about the same time his sons Josiah and Elijah came to Scott County, Tennessee.

This information is documented by George Alvin Terry in his book "The Terrys of scott County, Tennessee."

Soon after they married, they moved to Tennessee, then Wayne County, Kentucky, and finally Perry County, Indiana. John is buried in Perry County, Indiana.

William Terry..born unknown..married Patience ?

Miles Terry..born unknown..married Hannah Horton
January 30, 1782 in Botetourt County, Virginia
They had 6 children

Susannah Terry..born unknown..married Thomas Brown January 21, 1783 in Botetourt County, Virginia

Mercey Terry..born unknown..married Jonathan Harrison.. They had at least one son

More About Mercey Terry:

Mercy Terry, born 1760's, was the daughter of William and Rachel Terry of Botetourt Co, Virginia. Deed/Court records of the estate of William Terry (died 1803) from May 18, 1808 reveal that Mercy was one of his eight children: "Mercy Terry, wife of Jonathan Harrison, [received] her 1/8 share in her father William's estate." (Source: MIKE TERRY}

Jasper Terry..born unknown..married Margaret Snidow

Rachel Terry..born unknown..married John Martin

Jemima Terry..born unknown..married Ezekiel Boucher, June 30, 1796 in Montgomery County, Virginia

Generation 3

John Terry and Esther Brown were my GGGG Grandparents:

Children Of John Terry and Esther Brown Are:

Josiah Terry born 1780 in Jasper, Wythe County, Virginia...Died 1868 in Wayne County, Kentucky...Married {1} Nancy Thomas..They had 2 sons..{2} Nancy Stevens born 1800 in Tennessee..They had 11 children

More about Josiah Terry:

Buried near Mt. Pisgah, KY.

Josiah was the first settler of Oneida, Tennessee,

Came to present-day Oneida in 1815 (probably the year his father moved to Indiana} Josiah had a land grant which included most of the present city limits of Oneida. He built his home near the present four-lane highway in North Oneida.

Josiah and Elijah moved to Scott County at the time they were having trouble in their personal lives. Josiah separated from his wife, Nancy Thomas and left her and the two boys, Joseph and William. We know very little about Nancy and what happened to her. We do have a copy of a Madison County, Kentucky, Court record in 1821 at Richmond, Kentucky, Order Book E, page 122, where an indenture was made to bind out Joseph and William, the children of Nancy Terry, to William Bentley to learn the tanning business. We presume Nancy had moved to the vicinity of Richmond, Kentucky.

Clay Smith states that the early settlers called the community "Pine Creek". He said that Josiah Terry staked out three hundred acres of land that started near Tunnell Hill, extended northward through the town of Oneida to a point beyond the present Oneida Housing Project. He said the south line ran near where the Scott County Hospital is now located. The north line covered much of all of north Oneida up to and including the Jeffers Cemetery. This line extended to the top of Dick Smith Hill and back to the starting line near where Jim Carson lives in south Oneida. The northeast line ran with the Chitwood lands near the present Scott County Funeral Home to the Jeffers Cemetery. Uncle John described Josiah's land as a large tract of land that extended northwardly from a point near the residence of James Carson through the town of Oneida to a point on the top of a hill southwest of the Shepherd residence eastwardly so as to include the lands of J. M. Terry, A. C. Terry, Claude Terry, Letcher Stanfill, N. E. Stanley, Joe Chambers, John Carson, Jr., and James Terry. Josiah built his house near the present North Star Drive-In on Highway 27 North on the four lane. I have copies of two Kentucky land grants which cover most of this land.

The oldest written record of Scott County that I have knowledge of is that of the Bethlehem Church of Oneida. The church was organized in 1834, and they have written records dating from the first Saturday in June, 1842. Josiah Terry was a prominent member of the church and is mentioned in several entries. The church split in 1842, and Josiah Terry was elected acting moderator to take the vote. Fifteen of the thirty-one members were dismissed. Josiah was with the majority. It is in these church records that we learn of Josiah's death in 1868.

Josiah is listed with his wife and 10 of his children in the 1840 Campbell County Census. His son Josiah, was not born until 1842

More about Nancy Stevens:

Buried at the Old Reed Place on Buffalo Road in South Oneida

William Terry born 1785 in Hawkins County, Tennessee..died May 15, 1869 in Green County, Missouri

More about William Terry:

Mrs. Raymond Wray of Longview, Texas, is a descendant of his family. Mrs. Wray has several letters that William wrote to his son John. One, dated April 7, 1852, has this interesting statement: "We had a letter from brother Josiah in Tennessee last fall and they were doing well when he wrote, but that country had been very sickly last season". In another letter, William told of the death of his brother John and his wife in 1848 in Arkansas. Mrs. Wray has a letter dated July 11, 1857, in which William tells us of a visit in Arkansas with "some of my cousins of the old stock of the Martins". This is of interest to us because in the family of William Terry of Botetourt County, Virginia, father of our John Terry, there is a daughter Rachel who married John Martin.

George F Terry born unknown

Haden Terry born 1788

John Terry born abt. 1780 in Tennessee..died 1848 in Arkansas

More about John Terry Jr.:

Mrs. Wray has some information on his family. He had a son named Thomas that said he was born in Tennessee. John was on the Campbell County, Tennessee, tax list of 1818 along with Josiah, Elijah, and Daniel Terry. Scott County was created in 1849, and the territory comprising the northern section where Oneida is located was taken from Campbell County.

Elijah Terry born 1791 in Wayne County, Kentucky..died 1870 in Scott County, Tennessee..married Sally Rice Foster, they had 7 children

More about Elijah Terry:

Moved to Scott County TN. with brother, Josiah in 1815 According to divorce papers of Wayne County, Kentucky, dated in 1828, Elijah Terry left Wayne County in about 1815 at night with one Sally Rice Foster, wife of Charles Foster, and came to Tennessee and lived with her as his wife. In the Campbell County census of 1830

More about Sally Rice Foster:

Sally Rice Foster came with Elijah from Wayne County, Kentucky around 1815-16 and they homesteaded on land in the vicinity of what is now known as "Stumptown. In 1828 Wayne County Court Records, a man named Charles Foster filed petition for divorce from Sally Rice Foster charging she had run off to Tennessee with a man and was living with him as his wife. The 1830 Census report shows Elijah and Sally with 3 children (one boy, two girls) names unknown. One may be Henderson who went to Missouri and served in the Confederate Army.

Source: "Scott County Tennessee and Its Families", The Scott County Historical Society, Submitted by Lilliard Terry

Esther Terry born 1798..married John White June 11, 1818

Elisha Terry born 1800..married Sally Small January 7, 1816

Rachel Terry born 1804..died 1867..married Thomas Sandage April 15, 1821

Elias Terry born September 15, 1807..married Eleanor Sandage September 28, 1826

Miles Terry born March 11, 1809..married Nancy A Baswell

Thomas Terry born 1814..died 1853..married Polly Bradshaw

Daniel Terry born unknown

More about Daniel Terry:

Lived in Campbell County TN. in 1818

Jasper Terry born unknown

Generation 4

Josiah Terry and Nancy Stevens were my GGG Grandparents:

Children of Josiah Terry and Nancy Stevens are:

James Terry born 1820..died unknown..Married Tilda "Polly" Smith..They had 9 children

More about James Terry:

Living in Scott County according to the 1860 census

More about Polly:

Sister to Rachel Terry's husband , Richard Smith

Rachel Terry born May 3, 1821..died February 5, 1890...Married Richard Smith January 16, 1839...Married by H Pennington, Justice of the peace...They had 17 children

More about Rachel Terry:

They were members of the Bethelehem Baptist Church,and their names appear in the early church records. Uncle John's history states that Josiah gave them a place on the Old Montgomery Road near the present Pentacost Church. It is my understanding that Dick Smith Hill is named for Richard Smith. It was at Rachel's home that Josiah's wife Nancy Stevens died and is buried. Rachel Terry and Richard Smith are buried at the Marcum Cemetery in Oneida.

Martin Terry born 1822..died unknown..married {1}Nancy Thompson, they had 4 children..{2}Sarah Davis, they had 3 children

More about Martin Terry:

Martin had land grant property registered at Frankfort, Kentucky, and I believe it was on the Big South Fork River.

He was living in Anderson County Tennessee according to the 1860 census.

Esther Terry born abt. 1825..died unknown..married Thomas L Phillips March 17, 1844 in Campbell County, Tennessee..They were married by Allen McDonald, Justice of the peace

More about Esther Terry:

Josiah gave Esther and Thomas Phillips land about the present Oneida High School. I have been told that the old swimming hole behind the school called the "Tommie Hole" is named for Thomas Phillips. I do not know the names of the children of Esther and Thomas Phillips, but I believe that attorney General Paul Phillips and his family are descendants of Esther and Thomas.

Alsie Terry born abt. 1827..died unknown..married Jonathan "Bud" Phillips..They had 5 children..Joseph was born February 17, 1827..died July 14, 1871

More about Alsie Terry:

Josiah gave them land where the W. J. Jeffers family now lives.

Edmund "Eddie" Terry born 1828 in Scott County Tennessee..died unknown..married Elizabeth "Betty" Ann Hicks..They had 10 children...Elizabeth was born 1836

More about Edmund Terry:

Josiah gave him land at the old John Carson, Jr., place. The Terrys that now live near Winfield are descendants of Edmond Terry and Bettie Hicks

Milton Terry born July 17, 1834..died December 29, 1904..married Jane Thomas July 15, 1854..They had 10 children...Jane was born October 31, 1830..died March 21, 1908

More about Milton Terry:

Milton Terry served as Sheriff of Scott County, a member of the Bethlehem Baptist Church, clerk of the church, and Moderator Pro Tem in 1896 and 1897.

Milton served in the Union Army as a member of the Home Guard. He was a private in Company C, 1st Reg. Tennessee National Guard. He was enrolled at Chitwood, Tennessee (now Winfield) September 15, 1863, and was honorably discharged at Clinton, Tennessee, on December 20, 1863. I have copies of papers where Milton applied for a pension because of the loss of his right eye due to rheumatism. This application was made May 28, 1892.

His wife also applied after his death. I have no record that either ever received a pension.

married by David Acres, Justice of the Peace, at the home of Abner Thomas.

Josiah Terry gave Milton the land that is now on Highway 27 North on the four lane where Claude Terry, Jr., and Ralph Hoffman now live. I understand that the Milton Terry house was where the home of Jane and Ralph Hoffman now stands

Nancy Terry born abt. 1836..died unknown..married Ely Roysden

Themie Terry born abt. 1838..died unknown..married Jessie Roysden

More about Themie Terry and Jessie Roysden:

the Roysdens on the Big South Fork River are descendants of Themie or Nancy

Malinda Terry born August 22, 1839..died August 4, 1909..married Jackson G Smith ...Jackson was born February 2, 1836 in Scott County, Tennessee...died December 12, 1905

More about Malinda Terry:

Josiah Terry was visiting Malinda when he died, so I presume they lived in Wayne County, Kentucky. I have been told that this property is located in what is now the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.

Josiah Terry Jr. born 1842..died October 31, 1911..married Johannah Roysden..They had 9 children..Johannah was born 1839..died 1925

More about Josiah Terry:

Josiah Terry, Jr., lived on the Big South Fork River and that several of his descendants are in Fentress County.

Generation 5

Edmund Terry and Elizabeth Ann Hicks were my GG Grandparents:

Children of Edmund Terry and Elizabeth Ann Hicks are:

Emily Terry born 1855 in Scott County, Tennessee..died unknown...married John Byrd

William E Terry born 1856 in Scott County, Tennessee...died unknown

Rosa Ann Terry born December 8, 1857 in Scott County, Tennessee...died November 29, 1931 in Campbell County, Tennessee...Married Silas Lay January 29, 1881 in Scott County, Tennessee...Silas was born Febraury 10, 1863 in Campbell County, Tennessee...died November 2, 1935 in Campbell County, Tennessee...They had 7 children

Mary Rachel Terry born 1860 in Scott County, Tennessee..died 1923 in Campbell County, Tennessee...Married Ewell Sexton March 27, 1881 in Scott County, Tennessee...Ewell was born June 14, 1860 in Campbell County, Tennessee...died November 30, 1936 in Campbell County, Tennessee...They had 11 children

Nancy Terry born 1863 in Scott County, Tennessee...died unknown...Married Unknown Nunnely

Milton Terry born 1866 in Scott County, Tennessee...died unknown

Martha Terry born 1868 in Scott County, Tennessee...died unknown

Margaret Terry born 1870 in Scott County, Tennessee...died unknown...Married Unknown Coker

Sarah Terry born 1874 in Scott County, Tennessee...died unknown

James Terry born 1879 in Scott County, Tennessee...died unknown

Generation 6

Mary Rachel Terry and Ewell Sexton were my G Grandparents:

Children of Mary Rachel Terry and Ewell Sexton are:

Arminda R Elizabeth..b..April, 1882 in Campbell county Tennessee...m.{1} Charles Coker {2}Unknown

More about Arminda Sexton

Arminda was said to have such a bad temper that she caused Charles to run away with their son, he remarried and lived in Knoxville Tn with his new wife and son by Arminda. Arminda remarried and had a daughter

Daniel Columbus Sexton{Dan}..born March 1884 in Campbell county Tennessee..died March 15, 1954 in Scott county Tennessee..Married Catherine {Cath} Cooper

James Harvey Sexton born February 29, 1886 in Campbell county Tennessee...died December 13, 1972 in Scott county Tennessee...Married Nannie Bell Lay...both buried in Stanfill cemetery, Campbell county TN...

More about James and Nannie Bell

Moved to Atlanta, Fulton County Georgia in early 1940's , went back to Tennessee before 1949

Nannie Sexton born 1888 in Campbell county Tennessee...died 1963...Married Willard M Lay.s/o Henry Lay and Parizida Smith..{Uncle to James' wife, Nannie Bell}

John Lindsay Sexton born March 3, 1890 in Campbell county Tennessee...died May 12, 1946...Married Edith Middleton

Lucinda Sexton born February 15,1892 in Campbell county Tennessee...died January 18, 1914...Married Sampson Lay on March 3, 1911 in Campbell county Tennessee

More on Lucinda

Buried in Stanfill Cemetery in Campbell County Tennessee..Headstone says husband was David Sharp.

Lucinda died suddenly while taking care of her ailing sister, Eldora.

Eldora Sexton born August 29, 1894...died February 20, 1914...buried in the Stanfill Cemetery in Campbell county Tennessee beside her sister, Lucinda.

More on Eldora

Headstone reads: L. Dora

Joseph Sexton {Joe} born 1895..died 1963 in Cincinnati Ohio..Married Delphia Campbell..

More about Joseph Sexton:

Joseph died the same day as his sister, Nannie...He wasn't home when the news came that his sister had passed away...When he pulled into his driveway, his wife came out and told him the bad news...Joseph had a heart attack and died there in his car...

Florinda Sexton {Florence} born December 1898..died Unknown..Married John Chambers on September 8, 1918 in Scott county Tennessee

Rosa Sexton born 1901 in Campbell county Tennessee...died Unknown...Married Perry Green

Kelly Coloniel Sexton born 1905 in Campbell county Tennessee..died Unknown..Married {1} Lilly Messer {2} Hazel Messer {Lilly's sister}

More about Kelly Coloniel Sexton:

Occupation: Cole Miner. Killed in a cole minning accident...rumor has it that he was murdered......

Generation 7

James Harvey Sexton and Nanny Bell Lay were my Grandparents:

Children of James Harvey Sexton and Nanny Bell Lay are:

Mary R Bell Sexton born March 29, 1913 in Campbell county Tennessee..Married John Cross..They had 4 children

Rosa Anna Mae Sexton born November 14, 1914 in Campbell county Tennessee...died November 25, 1978 in Scott county Tennessee...buried in Jeffers Family Cemetery in Scott county Tennessee...Married {1} Robert Thomas Massey {2} Adron Jeffers...Rosa Anna Mae and Robert Thomas Massey had 2 children

Baby Boy Sexton born 1915 in Campbell County Tennessee...died 1915 in Campbell county Tennessee..buried in Stanfill Cemetery in Campbell county Tennessee.

Laura Eldora Sexton born December 15, 1916 in Campbell county Tennessee...died March 24, 1994 in Scott county Tennessee...Married Andrew Posey..They had 13 children

Flora Jeaniva Sexton born September 19, 1919 in Campbell county Tennessee...died September 26, 1990...Married Farris Asbury Slay...Both buried in Jeffers Family Cemetery in Scott County Tennessee...They had 3 children

Betty Elizabeth Sexton born September 7, 1921 in Campbell county Tennessee...Married {1} Ernest Ray Davis {2} Hubert Ivey Bullock...Betty Sexton and Ernest Davis had 2 children

James H Sexton born October 11, 1923 in Campbell county Tennessee...died abt. 1941 in Campbell county Tennessee..never married...buried in Stanfill Cemetery in Campbell County TN.

Baby Girl Sexton born 1925 in Campbell County Tennessee...died 1925 in Campbell county Tennessee..buried in Stanfill Cemetery in Campbell County TN.

Monroe Sexton born January 18, 1926 in Campbell county Tennessee...Married {1} Julie Cross {daughter of John Cross, Mary R Bell's husband} {2} Thelma Louise Andrews Sexton {married Monroe after Roger's death}...Monroe Sexton and Julie Cross had 7 children...Monroe and Louise Andrews had 1 child

Chester Arthur Sexton born July 4, 1929 in Campbell county Tennessee...Married Barbara Lou Lowe May 9, 1955 in Knoxville Tennessee...They had 5 children

Henry Roger Sexton born December 3, 1931 in Campbell county Tennessee...died February 3, 1976 in Pine Knot Kentucky in auto accident..buried in Stanfill Cemetery in Campbell County Tennessee...Married {1} Virginia Faye Norris {2} Thelma louise Andrews...Henry Roger Sexton and Virginia Faye Norris had 4 children...Henry Roger and Thelma Louise Andrews had 2 children

Baby Girl Sexton born December 3, 1933 in Campbell County Tennessee...died December 3, 1933 in Campbell county Tennessee.

Baby Girl Sexton born June 24, 1935 in Campbell county Tennessee...died June 24, 1935 in Campbell County Tennessee

Mary Lou Sexton born July 15, 1936 in Campbell county Tennessee..m..{1} Clyde Ferris {2} Chester Spry {3} Willard Evans...Mary Lou Sexton and Chester Spry had 1 child

Sarah Faye Sexton born September 15, 1940 in Campbell county Tennessee...Married Barry Slaven...They had 3 children

Generation 8

Betty Elizabeth Sexton and Ernest Ray Davis were my parents:

Children of Betty and Ernest are:

Willarae Davis {ME} born October 8, 1949 in Atlanta, Fulton county, Georgia...married Danny E Smith March 4, 1967 in South Carolina...We have 3 children

James T Davis born December 6, 1950 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia...died December 25, 1965 in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia...

More about James Davis:

Killed in car accident in Gwinnett county Georgia... Buried in Luxomni Baptist Church Cemetery in Lilburn GA...Gwinnett county

Sources for the above information:

Census Records, Family Bible, My Family.

I Want To Thank Robert Bailey For Getting Me Started By Finding Out Who My GG Grandparents Were, And Helping Me With A Lot Of The Other Information Also

Some Of My Information Came From The "Terry Family Historian" A Web Page Hosted By The Terry Family Historian, Robert "Mike" Terry. You Can Visit His Web Site By Clicking Here

Campbell County TN. Marriages 1838-1881 Lookups


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